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    Originally posted by CosmicGiggle View Post

    If it coulda been done, it woulda been done, but it hasn't been done. "What a joke!" Indeed!
    How do you know it hasn't been done? The intensity of the joke increases!
    To me, not really deleting PMs after the user clicks on Delete (note that the button doesn't say Hide or something like that), apart from misleading the users, is a huge security issue that you all seem not to understand. It's not only about you being able to read the PMs, so no need to defend.

    I give up commenting, because the answers are very discouraging. Deleting a PM is just deleting one record from a table...
    Good luck!
    "Wouldn't he remember his first home, what passed for wisdom there, and his fellow prisoners, and consider himself happy and them pitiable? And wouldn't he disdain whatever honors, praises, and prizes were awarded there to the ones who guessed best which shadows followed which? Moreover, were he to return there, wouldn't he be rather bad at their game, no longer being accustomed to the darkness? Wouldn't it be said of him that he went up and came back with his eyes corrupted, and that it's not even worth trying to go up? And if they were somehow able to get their hands on and kill the man who attempts to release and lead up, wouldn't they kill him?"


      ...... no need to stir the pot yoss, THE SITE HAS NOT BEEN HACKED!


        I personally think that, same as in the case of links in the message center that do not work even for me as an mod, meaning the thread is missing even from the recycle bin, its just the title and link to the pm that "remains", hence that is you can't access it. Because there is no content to display. And my opinion is this is totally because of the bugs from the update. And not because the system keeps the pm message. There are simple reminants of shit that been deleted. Weird bug but forum is full of them weird ones.
        And with this I am out, cause we discussed more than enaugh on the matter IMO.
        "We ought never do wrong when people are looking." - Mark Twain


          ....... Amen to that!


            I would still like ATUK to delete all those PMs in my sent folder if possible. I cant do it with the way it works currently.

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