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    Originally posted by Gry View Post
    The Dark Ages is an accurate description of the law as passed.
    Am convinced VA is a contender for the least useful and most constrained cannabis laws in the country.
    you might be right...if you ignored Tennessee. we once had one of the first legal medical set-ups in the nation. that was when the Democrats ran the state. now, with the GOP in control everywhere except the largest cities, we will probably be the last state to legalize.
    smoking more pot is NOT the answer to my problems. my problem is that i need more problems that smoking more pot IS the answer to...


      The bill that passed both chambers is, in some ways, dead unless they build a framework for a regulatory body and vote to solidify specific elements of the bill. Because they held off on creating the necessary regulatory agency and revised criminal penalties, everything's been delayed when it comes to farms and retail. Why? Because reasons. They could legalize home growing and possession right now, starting July 1st it would go into effect. They did so for numerous other aspects of the bill. They could finalize the framework later this year, but instead they want to focus on throwing people in jail for legally owning guns. I'm not kidding. They tabled this for the rest of the year because they want to focus on gun control and making standard capacity magazines for a Glock 17 a felony. Ban vertical grips on rifles, because the big problem with gangbangers murdering each other is vertical grips on their rifles.

      As for the passed legislation, legalization is there. Sort of. Not really. Maybe. It's a mixed bag and there is no legalized usage nor growing until (and if) the Dems maintain their control and keep their shit together in 2022. The problem is that there is no regulatory board to create licensing, zoning measures, etc. and so retail and commercial growing operations are in limbo until they can iron that out in 2022. The language to legalize possession and personal growing is literally dependent on regulatory aspects being passed in 2022. That means 2023 they will begin formally operating the board and dolling out initial licenses and approvals of operations, etc. 2024 will be actualization of retail, legal possession and personal growing.

      If the Dems maintain complete power, we can see legalized home growing on January, 2024.. Because if they lose even a single chamber or the governorship, and the aspects of creating the board don't get reenacted in 2022, then legalization completely falls apart.

      To specifically address this:
      Originally posted by CannaRed View Post
      Yes it's fucked.
      RIght now under an ounce is a $25 ticket.
      Over an ounce is a felony.

      So in 2024 under an ounce won't be a fine anymore. What about over an ounce?
      Possession of an oz or more only applies while in public and will result in a $25 fine. That's it. I have not read anything that goes beyond a minor citation. Basically, you can't walk around with a QP in your backpack, but if you do then you just pay a $25 fine to the state. It's a dumb provision on many levels, but I'll take what little I can get and maybe this can be amended in the future. You can have as much as you want on your private residence. And assuming everything else goes into effect, this could become a reality as early as July, 2022.

      I haven't had time to fully compare the bill that passed the VA GA (you can read it yourself here: and the previous House and Senate bills, but a lot of what I have read through is much the same as in both of them.

      One notable exception between what was proposed and what passed, AND THIS IS A BIG ONE, is that the language of "immature plants" was truck from personal growing restrictions. "ยง 4.1-1101. Home cultivation of marijuana for personal use; penalties" has completely dropped the previous restrictions on both the House and Senate bills that restricted you to no more than 2 immature and 2 mature plants, with immature being defined as no taller nor wider than 8 inches. The current language still restricts you to 4 plants per household (not per person), but that mean you could have 4 plants growing from seedling to mature at any given time, which is a significant improvement.