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    Originally posted by aridbud View Post
    I concur!


      Originally posted by yardgrazer View Post
      Neptune's prices seem somewhat more reasonable?
      They charge twice as much for the same exact strains found on euro sites. Go look at their Karma gear for example. They want $150 for the same exact pack that seedmans charges $70 for. I’ll gladly wait the extra week to save that kind of cash.


        Hosting a VT Gene Trading Event...?

        Hey I moved to VT in July to start a craft hemp flower company with goals to make medical, boutique, craft, topshelf, whatever name you chose, indoor hemp flower. Not just growing biomass.. treating this flower like it's my personal meds for my cPTSD. VT has always felt like home and it offered the freedom so it made sense. I noticed despite being legal for some time theres almost nothing established besides Heady Stash and their bullshit cup that costs a couple hundred to enter... with no explanation on what the prize is...anyway, that kinda bothered me...

        So the property we bought has a store on it and we plan to eventually convert it into a medical grade CBD/Headshop/Cafe hippy hangout.. cafe part is later down the line. Medical grade CBD flowerHeadshop is more imminent.

        So this store is perfect for events... big giant open room plenty of room for people to talk cannabis and trade... it's been my dream since I was 16 to grow and trade and live in a cannabis friendly world and at 28... this dream is beginning to come to fruition... slowly but surely.

        With that said, I've been wanting to host Cannabis events... we literally have a hall more or less and itd be free to host... maybe not totally free (food, beverage, temporary seating/tables) but people may have chairs and tables. We have a few fold up tables for holidays. we wouldn't have to rent a hall.. its private property as well. if people are intrigued and down. I'll link up and we talk how to network and make it happen. Not bullshitting... this could be the start of a wonderful tradition for our community. Even if it's just 5 of us in the begining.. that 5 people trading and linking up and talking shop. Maybe its 6 next time and 10 another.

        My goals are monthly gene trading events maybe the 3rd Friday of every month? Yhe day is not important at the moment. I also thought quarterly cannabis cups would be really cool. called, drum roll please....

        The Quarterly Cup! 4 cannabis cups a year, each season, fall winter, spring, summer. Wed have deadlines to submit herb. A quarter of herb required for judging. Not sure how judging would work at the moment but I'd like it to be very unbiased. I was thinking 7 judges, 7 g submissions, 1g flower each. Submissions would have to be sooner than the actual cup event so judges can appropriately judge the flower. My guess would be two weeks prior. Say there is 14 entries that's enough to judge 14 submissions, one a day. If people gotta judge 10 strains in one day, ain't nothing gonna be accurate about that lol. Judges just gonna ass out. Was thinking if your grow got fucked and you're running late, MAAAAAYBE have a 1 week window extension,
        explain what happened and boom got yourself a week extra ... needs to be submitted 7 days before event and notify the host. i dont want it a week after the cup. Cup day means winners are unveiled. I kinda want it to be an organic soil grown cup as well... no hydroponics unless organic and even them I'm a jerk about it lol. Thatd really depend on what others think. I just think the future of cannabis should be soil based and be true living. With events like this, wed help promote that notion and culture. Wed have categories:
        For flower
        AUTOs are included in here under the perspective category unless the judging council would want autos separate.

        I personally was thinking only Rosin maybe I'm a prude but I also wanted the herb to be strictly soil grown as well.. maybe have separate entries for hydroponic and BHO and things of that nature.



        Judging- I like the idea of a 7 judge panel... maybe one person really enjoys indicas, thus making them solid to judge indica entries. Another loves sativa, they're focus is sativa entries. You get the idea. Maybe one judge feels meh about hybrids but loves a good sativa and a good indica. Another judge doeant discriminate and loves all spectrums of flower.. I feel this will help give more accurate and fair judgments..

        Blind tasting (all you know is category, hybrid, indica, sativa,) no name, no genetics, unbiased rating. Just labeled a number and you get to smell it and touch it, look at it, grind it, break it up, etc. After you judged the flower, you'll be given info on its lineage and it is no longer a secret. This would help biasedness. Say judge 5 hates Cookies, thinks is pollenchuckin bullshit but a Forum Cut Cookie is entered... off the tip head gonna be like nah... where as if its blind.. maybe his nose won't know and we get an unbiased judgement. Follow me?

        My idea is VT grown flower only, but part of me wants to include new England as a whole... but i like the idea of doing some for VT.. but also like including everyone to endludge in the festivities.

        Anyone feedback, concerns, ideas?

        I'm a chef, vegan, so I'd be down to cater the events but wed need to pool money etc, I couldn't afford to buy all the food etc.. I can make non crazy vegan food, your basic party food. Well do an allergy inquiry for people. maybe we charge a ticket fee of $10.00 to cover food and beverage costs etc. Maybe the cup event costs a little more, $15, so we can have prize money.. honestly I'm hoping before the cups would happen, weve had already established a monthly or biweekly gene trading events and winners of cups could get cuts, seeds in addition To money maybe even win flower, etc.. having yo noy cover hall rental will make this much more affordable and better for competition because the pool for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, would be larger with not rent for venue..

        Holla holla holla... I'm in Rutland btw.


          What clones do you have now


            I don’t know anything about them - buuttt I did grow some of Sherpa seeds gear outdoor - bad berry (mobxgmoxogkb) and that turned out great - reasonable prices for some solid stuff