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    Gene Traders Event

    Sunday 3/19 at TetraHydro Club in Wakefield RI.

    I got in with one of those shitty recks you get online from the Cali delivery services but nobody batted an eye and I din't have to finesse the situation at all. If you have any kind of reasonable looking card from any state you should be good.

    The main floor of the club looked like the small room in the Knitting Factory. Cement floor, stage in front with projection screen, black walls sparsely lit, concessions available at a counter in the back.

    I didn't stay for the entire event but for the time I was there 10 or so vendors were active. I spent most of my time choppin it up with ICMAG renaissance man chunky pigs. He immediately smoked me out on a sourdubb joint that tasted delicious. He was vending all verified clones and his new seed releases which were very impressive; at least ten new crosses. I have had some good results with chunky's Sluggo(Forum Cooks Mother x Reversed GG4 Father) so that Gave us some background to talk shop. The venue played music but it wasn't so loud you had to yell to be heard which is nice.

    After 5-7 more joints I was the proud owner of the following clones:
    Sour Diesel (Chaco)
    Sour Dubb (Greyskull, Bog)
    GG4 (Josie Wales)- He gave me this one for free. (The dream is still alive.)
    OGKB 2.0 (Chunky Pigs)

    I was able to smoke and smell and finger samples of each plant before I bought which for me is exactly what I want from an event like this. Support this guy; there is zero hubris, greed, or dick swinging with Chunk, just a bunch of fire Genetics.

    Among the other vendors EastCoasterdam had clones available most notably Buckeye Purple which is bred by Mel Vann under the Melvanetics label. I initially planned to pick up one of those but I have a pack from her first firestax release I need to hunt. I can't remember what other clones were offered but there was a decent selection. I can't speak to the validity of the clone genetics but they were super healthy looking and the booth was well run.

    There were tons of concentrate related items wax, rosin, distillate tubes, preloaded rosin packs. Also the club had a house press in case anyone wanted to press buds onsite. I don't fuck with dabs so I cant speak reliably as to the quality of the products but if that is your scene you would be well represented.

    There were several vendors that I didn't sample anything from but they all looked like they were doing swift business.

    Overall the event was pretty rad, my goal was to grab some nice genetics from the ICMAG stable and I pulled that off in spades. I would recommend this club for anyone on the hunt. The easiest way to hear about their stuff is to follow them on IG.


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    Hey jets good summary I was the other guy smokin with you & chunky it was cool meeting you guys lets keep networking


      We need to do this in michigan!


        I agree I was born in bay city bro been on the east coast most my life but still got fam & friends in Michigan I'll be out there for the cup


          Not sure if I can make the cup this year. Have fun, I know you will
          If you hear something in the future shoot me a PM please.
          Thank you


            Buckeye Purple which is bred by Mel Vann under the Melvanetics label. Great breeder! Have grown out several and they are well worth it!

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