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    redundent laws

    Originally posted by RckyMtRdnk View Post
    This what I read in the rules

    All owners must provide a background check; nonviolent felony convictions in the last two years and any other felony conviction in the last five years for any owner will disqualify the applicant.
    there are Oklahoma state laws that need to be changed there is a push for justice reform due to the burden it is having on the states coffers, budget your crime is considered a victimless crime what happened some politicians, made harmless cannabis in to a major crime the laws are draconian put undue burdens on people Oklahoma has multiple legal jurisdictions, state federal, and tribal, since Oklahoma went medical legal the next step, recreational, that be dependent on the state law makers and reading of the proposed law, how ever time will tell good luck peace, mike tea.


      It's called progress....

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        right you are, arid bud it does justice to all who need it badly, peace friend stay lit up, mike tea



          the Kiowa tribe passed a law, for medical and recreational use by vote of tribal members, the cost of the license too high the state medical card , cheaper with restrictions how ever that can change in the future when the tribe gets its court system in place the tribe passed it in 2019 there are still more hurdles the tribe will have to remedy those problems when they show up. peace mike tea.


            As the license tag used to say "Oklahoma is OK", which parts I drove through 50years ago were. Very pretty. Congrats on the new laws.

            Today is an example of what your "Neu sooners" need to learn to live with. This is a blue freight train, but they can get red and darker also.

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