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Clones from Genotype A2 in Ann Arbor

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    Originally posted by Truthful View Post
    You capping bro I've got cuts from Genotype several times most of my garden is Leafdoctor cuts I got from there NEVER had anything on mine. And anybody that don't have enough sense to quarantine cuts they bring in leave themselves open to that kind of bullshit you talking about

    That Kaka poster had a business deal go south with genotype, or something like that. He has told me this through email since he also sells clones. Think that's why he's trying to spread misinformation about their clones being "dirty". The funny part is he is selling clones from genotype on IG/Strainly... including a Leafdoctor creation.

    I haven't been in awhile cause they did fall of in terms of selection and being open in general but they did me well for a couple years and I still run many of their cuttings to this day. Never a pest. Always clean. They've always run a tight operation.