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2016 Michigan Cannabis Cup

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    2016 Michigan Cannabis Cup

    March is next week so its only a few months away...time to start your entry grows!!!

    Attended as a vendor in 2014 and 2015 for an extract company that will remain nameless since i no longer work with them personal reasons

    2016 should be even bigger and better yet...and besides, it cant possibly have a big rain 3 years in a row?!?! Can it?!

    ill be there as part of an extracts/clone/clothing co. booth.
    but as i help my bro's with their company's im not sure what flag(s) will be up just yet

    See ya there-

    P.S. For those that are worried- Flint Water Problem is City Water only... Wells located outside the city limits are not affected...Clio Speedway is not in the city and no problems
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    Clio Speedway is currently on the market for 7 million. I hope a change of ownership will not throw a wrench into High Times' 2016 plans there. You just cannot beat the zip code for such an event: 48420 ;-)~


      What are the dates for the event?


        Originally posted by Lester Beans View Post
        What are the dates for the event?
        High Times has yet to announce anything for this years event. It should be posted on their website when available:


          damn my memory is bad right now....prob those dabs i took at lunch today (i work a normal job too, hehe)

          2014 july 26-27 , 2015 was August 22-23

          i would guess its end of July or early August, its got to be summer roughly that time for average weather/ temp reasons

          considering the event's growth from 2014 to 2015 i cant see them not doing 2016, plus many HT staff said they could not believe how relaxed / free the atmosphere in Michigan was, and that the event/staff were some of the most polite they have ever worked with in all of the events.

          Now if we can get that damn Lab Testing Sorted out, lol


            Agreed, I spent lotsa time talking with people and vendors I had known when I was in CA Pot Central for a long time. They all said the same thing with no prompting from me. The people were the most passionate and overall the best at any cup. I knew that. It's one big reason to be here.
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              Potless in Portland

              In Portland, there can’t be a Cannabis Cup or any sort of cannabis cafĂ© because Oregon’s Clean Air Act was amended to include vaporization and cannabinoids. So, anywhere you cannot smoke tobacco indoors, you now cannot smoke cannabis or vaporize cannabis or use nicotine e-cigarettes.

              Smokeless in Seattle

              Seattle can’t have a Cannabis Cup or any sort of public toking lounge because the State of Washington passed a law that felonizes the operation of any club or event that directly or indirectly promotes and allows for the consumption of cannabis.

              this is Michigans time to step up and show em what we are all about
              keep it small and keep it legal



                June 11-12, 2016 at Auto City Speedway in Clio once again.


                  Hell Yeah!!!!

                  Everybody tell everybody to go this year...last year was twice as big as 2 years ago!

                  This year should be awesome !


                    Will be down this year. Where are the best places to stay?
                    So Many Roads...


                      Still med card access to the good parts this year or did they get rec passed?
                      self-sufficiency...compliments of micro.


                        med - not rec state yet

                        also i was emailed the 2016 calender of events/ registration flyers from HT Staff and it shows they have announced that there is going to be 2 Michigan Events in 2016

                        June 11-12th Michigan Medical Cup - Auto City Speedway
                        August 27-28th High Times Clio (Mi.) Experience - Auto City /Speedway

                        not too sure on details of the second event yet but more to come!


                          Sweet, hoping for great times again. Hope the winds/rains/thunderstorms keep quiet this time.

                          Wondering what's the 2nd event HT is throwing.


                            Second event huh ? Wonder what up with it ?


                              "The HIGH TIMES Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup is returning to the Auto City Speedway in Clio, Michigan on June 11 - 12 for our first ever all-medical event! The event will only be open to medical patients with the entire festival zoned to medicate, but doctors will be available on site. Any state's medical marijuana qualification is acceptable for admission.
                              The Saturday night concert headliner will be announced in May. If you attend on Saturday, the concert in included with your ticket. If you attend on Sunday, the Cannabis Cup Awards Show is included. Early Bird VIP two-day tickets and Early Bird GA one-day passes are now available. Ticket prices will go up on 4/20.
                              The HIGH TIMES Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup is 1 hour from Lansing, 1.5 hours from Detroit and 2 hours driving from Grand Rapids. Celebrate the start of summer with the medical cannabis community!"

                              so it looks like the entire event will be open medicate, medical only no front area nonsense like before...since 95% were there for the medicated area anyways

                              it looks like the second event will be more open to all, 1 side with medicate area and other half open to general public