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  • yardgrazer
    I only bought from them once, and didn't care for the flower I got, thought it was overly dry and not interesting. Also, their prices seemed high to me? They seemed to have two tiers, and the top-shelf ended up being 65 or 70 after taxes I think.

    I have to admit I have never really engaged in conversation with the staff of any of these places. Seemed pleasant enough.

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  • heady blunts
    started a topic rise amherst

    rise amherst

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    okay i was ready to hate this place. i don't like out of state businesses taking up market share and licenses in new england. i still hope they lose out to some massachussetts locals.

    but,,, i had a very good first experience there

    i bought an eighth of their house brand purple urkle, and two prerolls chocolate og and some kind of cookie cross. the urkle was fire!!! so nostalgic. i miss that herb. nicely grown, nicely cured, nicely handled, nicely packaged. the sticker said 18% thc but it was more theraputic than the ~30% chocolate og by a million times.

    +excellent customer service, knowledgeable budtenders
    +great atmosphere
    +both house grown and outside producers on the menu
    +prices seemed slightly better than the other places i've been in state
    +you can see and smell the products before buying

    -out of state business