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Wholesale pot prices plummet. Now there starting to get better

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    In Florida I was wholesaling 20+ lbs for minimum 34 each to 38 for the finest got cash the same day and all of it... Lol California way differet... One trick is never give samples and always stay on top all the best to everyone that's having a hard time all the beat
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      Still waitng for a pic thats calls for 4k an far...all i have seen is sub par dank...

      Do you guys even know what top top top notch shit look like? I'll give you a hint...there are so many trichomes that when you break a nug sticks to your hand and the aroma just takes over the whole room....followed up a ice pick to your lungs upon inhaling...

      Not this candy coated crap thats colorful and taste yummy...but that shit that makes your forhead sweat and paranoia kicks in right away...thats the bomb...if you have that shit you dictate the whole market...the big boys doing 50 lbs+ are growing crap...nothing close to real dank..real bomb which is less then a 2% of the market is too easy to unload...problem again is everyones idea of a 10 is different...bottom line if it makes you want to die from one bowl...then thats going to be your flagship and take nothing less then 3800 for it because the clubs will 10000000% sell it for 50-60 an 1/8th..... Most clones that people are willing to let out at the clubs are not 10's....real 10's never make it to the clone vendors...they stay in our grows and if lucky might see a bro or 2.... grow from seed..find a true jem ...and market your product to real smokers and not broke ass smokers....

      I have had my highs and lows as far as getting ripped off on prices...end of the day....grow OG Kush and thats your best chance at getting full price....but you have to let it go full term 9-10 weeks....guys growing OG and pulling them early then getting like 2800 for an lbs complaining ...its like dude..let the plant finish and you'll get paid...if you want to chop early...then you wont get paid in full....alright back the bong for some more Larry
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        Originally posted by Dr. Purpur View Post
        If you grow top quality Headband, OG Kush, Or GDP you will have people waiting for the buds before they are harvested,

        It just has to be the best around. If You grow it, they will come!
        Originally posted by Storm Shadow View Post
        Still waitng for a pic thats calls for 4k an far...all i have seen is sub par dank...
        Storm Shadow, you are killing me dude. Those that have the best rarely need to show it because they are 300% over subscribed. As Dr. Purpur said if you game is straight it is spoken for before it is half way through flower and then people are fighting with each other to pick it up first (wet if necessary).

        What you believe is top shelf and what you think top shelf should go for is irrelevant to a huge market. The market will tell you what top shelf goes for, and if some clowns pay top shelf price for lower quality that should be no skin off your nose, just means you should get even more for your top shelf.

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          I pass on paranoia bud.

          What I do like is when my organic grown buds put me temporarily out of my body or something. Freezes you in place and even though your eyes are wide open, you only see what is in your dream. Im going to set up a movie cam on myself to see what happens and for how long when im gone in a headrush.

          It has to be a top clone of dog family (sour Diesel, OG Kush, or Headband) grown 100% correct, smoked through a clean iced bong. My kids scold me when I do that. They are worried that I might have a stroke and die on the spot.

          No I pass on paranoia bud. I dont care for it. I like the rush. I like being absolutely gone for a minute or so, to the point that you dont know what you are, let alone who you are.

          Only top shelf can do that. I should know. Ive been smoking weed for 42 years, and growing for 40.

          Find me a good one and you're off the hook.


            no doubt top shelf booze are just as pricey as top shelf herbal
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              Originally posted by Dr. Purpur
              I think its cheaper than alcohol. an eigth of top shelf one hit weed lasts along time. Good beer is expensive. Good liquor is very pricey. I save money by smoking weed. Good drink is too expensive and it doesnt last long. Its cheaper in the long run too. Healthwise. Far cheaper.
              You hit the nail on the head. I $aved alot after I quit liquor!
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                i noticed the quality and prices are changin out by me im surprized by some of them cali numbers dispen are payin out there i must of been one lucky muthafuka but as of late the nug out here from cali is still on the cheap end of the stick but the quality aint what it used to be... the 2-3g lbs went from dank where i couldto rank over night and never went back.... glad i grow my own heady... but i dont think the dank i was gettin would ever be called topshelf even some of the og and others ......maybe...but for the most part just good indoor.... my homegrown is topshelf stash though.... and thats what i prefer to smoke most of the time.... but the good ol days are long gone,,,
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                  I pay income and sales taxes on everything I do, costs me $16k a year thankyouverymuch.

                  Also, note that indoor prices have already climbed back to pre-flood prices amongst my circles, good ins are moving well at $27-28 each locally.
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                    Originally posted by Rainmaker View Post
                    Ahhh ODT....sounds like you got it all figured out. If so....come and get it...homeboy. Point A to point B....there are a few details to figure out in-between. Once you do...let me know...i'll be sittin' here on my front porch waiting for ya. Nothing is ever as easy as it seems my friend.

                    Transportation is a profession out's no joke. There are so many naive fools that just pack up the trunk and go on there way....soon to be popped in Kansas..Oklahoma..Nebraska..ta ke your pick. Interstate highways through the Plains and Midwest are poaching grounds for Troopers. I have known countless peeps that this has happened to....and the domino effect from it can be devastating to them and their entire crew.

                    Wholesale....that's what were talking about...correct? These kind of ops have tractor trailers that are already on established routes that are loaded with cargo. When the true gangsters come into town they can dictate the wholesale prices because they come with cash and clear out crops. I will gladly get cashed out on my entire rip and take a couple points less, so that I don't have to deal with the bullshit and get to my next run. Sittin' on cash is better than sittin' on grass....if you ask me.

                    Focus on what you do and do it well.
                    Well said my friend. Im not saying its (transportation) an easy task by any means. Its the toughest part of the game, harder than growing and easily harder than flipping. Im just saying that for those growers that hate lowering their prices by a couple points when the market is flooded, there is always the opportunity to add ATLEAST 5 points per pack WHOLESALE and find a ballsy motherfucker to make the trip east.

                    I've known people that moved their entire crops east for 10+ years and never let it hit the west coast market. They made so much money so quickly they didnt know what to do with it. The only reason im refering to them in past tense is because they couldnt manage to resist the greed that comes with increased profits. Each trip lead to setting up another grow...but anyway thats not important.

                    Its like the stock market, the higher risk, the higher yield you can expect. but yea, for most people, its not worth losing 10 years of your life to make 20% more money a year.
                    East Coast all day!

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                      so its $100 a quarter from a dispensary in the USA? that was the blackmarket price when I was last down there....

                      its $50 blackmarket in BC, maybe $60 if really good....

                      how is $100 for a quarter from a grower that is legal, the same as a underground grower, or a black market? isn't the prices of weed justified by the risk/reward idea?

                      I dont understand why weed is so expensive just across the border considering cali has WAY better medical laws and legal growers everywhere.

                      100 a quarter no matter how "dank" is a rip off IMO... even more so in a green state with all members of the deal being "legal".

                      i think everyone who smokes weed should grow some of their own and give some extras to family or friends who cant grow, thats what i do... eventually everyone will grow or have a close connection to some weed.

                      usually people dont mind paying good money for good stuff, regardless of what that stuff may be, but I feel $50 a quarter, and 180-200 a 0 is fair for some good weed. and thats what i have paid or sold for since 94


                        i heart DANK

                        if you got DANK i got $$$ some things are priceless
                        i am considering a second job to keep more of my stash
                        i think the real reason behind all of the drama is some
                        people just dont know how to grow !!!
                        RIP DR JAY


                          i live in the central valley and i know its aint everyday homies selling 90 dollar zips of good outdoor purp


                            90 bucks an OZ means its probably stolen weed.....
                            Cured Bud pictures
                            Flowering pictures


                              He's talking OD...that sounds about right. There's still a ton of good OD that the old timers are just starting to dig well as black boxes coming down next month. With the decline in prices...the major outdoor farmers are damn near hitting it year round. Way up in the cuts I saw 4ft. bushes in late January in a 40 x 80 greenhouse w/ 40K of supplemental lighting. Balls to the wall.....


                                Yeah, and its not Headband or OG Kush, or Sour Diesel. Lots of the bulk outdoor was grown with chemical ferts. Im hearing complaints about weed from even good clones giving people headaches etc. Chemical ferts are far cheaper.
                                Find me a good one and you're off the hook.