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    Ponderosa Releaf

    This licensed MMJ dispensary is located a bit south of Phoenix in Maricopa.

    Actually it's a bit south of Maricopa, way down past the Ak Chin Casino. A buddy of mine had good stuff to say about the place, so I thought I'd go down and check it out.

    Way out in BFE it's in a small cluster of stores out on Papago Rd. Go in and there is a small waiting room, no security at the door, and show your card to the girl behind the glass.
    They only let one or two patients back at a time, and I had maybe a 10 minute wait. They are way too high at 17 bucks a gram. I picked up a gram of Blue Widow. it was a nice dense little nug with a good smell and a good buzz. I would not get it again for 17.

    The best smelling strain that they had was Jilly Bean.

    The label showed that the Dispensary of origin # for the MMJ was a different # than the Ponderosa. My friend went by later and picked up some Maui wowie(supposedly), and said the Disp.# was the same on his label.

    What that means is that the dispensary grows some of their weed and gets the rest from other dispensaries.
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