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FDA Approves Synthetic Weed

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    I tried Delta-8-THC for the first time. It was a cheap little cartridge for a vape.
    They say that it isn't as potent as Delta-9-THC, but I can't tell a difference by using the vape.
    The best part is that I purchased it legally in Prohibitionland Virginia! I usually do not use vape cartridges, but I left home during a family emergency without my bud.
    Stopped at a bong store and grabbed one. Being able to sneak a vape in the hospital without stinking up the whole wing is a sanity saver!
    "I have only read fragments of your posts. But I have read enough to know that you can grow some mean herb."
    --- CVH
    "we growing.
    till the fucking zombies show."
    --- Useless.Gardens

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