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CO report said marijuana users need more anesthetic for medical procedures

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    They put me in twilight yesterday, never asked about cannabis use, or said I needed any extra anesthesia for the prodecure...
    Prop 215 compliant.
    Don't panic it's ORGANIC...


      I was given morphine a few months back and it took a lot of doses before it started working, the paramedics were surprised. Felt sick as a dog though


        Originally posted by madalasatori View Post
        I was given morphine a few months back and it took a lot of doses before it started working, the paramedics were surprised. Felt sick as a dog though
        Same for me, I have a high morphine tolerance.
        One time I had to be connected to a morphine pump for 48 hours and the anesthesiologist hallucinated my opioid resistance. Can be no link with a serious weed smoking, but why not?
        Even last time at the dentist, I was entitled to three times the normal dose.


          I gotta concur with this, I now let my anesthesiologist know....
          Woke up mid procedure 2 times.....

          Now i tell them to kick it up a notch.... Upside all you remember is foggy flash memories if you do wake up...

          For my appendix they listened thank god....but was told after it took more of whatever they used.....

          I was Lit when i had the surgery also on edibles still from a few hours earlier.....(emergency surgery within 2 hours of entering hospital)

          Perhaps I just have tollerance...

          When it comes to Opiates I find it is opposite as have the last 2 pallative care patients....enough so that the family had to talk to the dr as he was accusing them of making the father use less of his 1/2.... he was gone 2 weeks later but had a really good 7 days where he wasn't a zombie....

          50-70mg 3 times a day was enough to do it which shocked me.....




            Unknown Effect of Cannabis Use on Procedural Sedation Requirements

            >> To the Editor:
            We read with great interest the recent report by Twardowski et al1 regarding the impact of regular cannabis use on procedural sedation requirements. This area remains poorly studied, and we applaud the authors for investigating this timely and germane issue. However, owing to methodologic flaws, we believe that the interpretation and clinical utility of the study are extremely limited.
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            OG refugee


              I made damn sure the anestetic dude knew I was heavy into "CBD" last time they were gonna put me under for an operation. When they revived me they had to do something to get my heart right. I ate cookies right up to the time I had to stop eating.
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              Things just chug long when those microbes are happy........scrappy


                if referring to being numbed for dental work, i need a LOT more novocaine etc. if being put under for oral surgery etc, same ol' same ol'...out like an old bulb. LOL!
                smoking more pot is NOT the answer to my problems. my problem is that i need more problems that smoking more pot IS the answer to...


                  I may be an exception to this supposed 'rule', but I'm a light-weight where anesthesia is concerned. Following spine surgery, I was unconscious for 2.5 to 4 hours longer than the average 'victim', and initially awakened in a panic, unaware of where I was, who I was, or other pertinent info.

                  To this day I tell them, "Look, I may look like a sizable guy, and I may have a colorful drug history (especially from my youth), but hey... LESS IS MORE!! No!! Really!! I'm a 'cheap date'!"

                  Getting them to believe me? Well, that's another discussion.. They seem to continue to be dedicated to over-dosing me.