First I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to ICMag's news section! It's becoming very popular and we've had great feedback from our members.

Anyone can submit an article, however all articles are reviewed and edited if necessary before being approved.

Please check to see if the news has already been posted in the forum first! Duplicate posts will be deleted.

Our criteria for an article to be accepted are as follows:
1. Must be about marijuana.
2. Must be news, not an old topic.
3. Must have commentary. You must add your own comments or summary to the article, even if it's just a couple of sentences. Otherwise you are in violation of copyright law. We very much prefer a summary in your own words plus a link to the article, rather than copy & pasting the article itself. Quotes from the article are fine and won't violate copyrights.
4. It must look good on our front page. Which means we don't want a lot of header B.S. like the date, a picture, the title repeated, or the link to the article at the top of your post. Start right off with the story or your summary. If you have comments put them below the article.
5. Best time to post new items is in the AM, specifically before 9am PST (west coast usa), when news items are reviewed for that day.

Thanks for following our rules. It will ensure your article gets approved so others can read it.

More Tips.
You shouldn't put all caps in the title of the thread.
Please rename the title of your post so it's not the same as the article title.