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The sacred ghee

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  • Technique
    Wowzers thats some good effort..

    i generally do it this way.. in the biggest pot i can find..

    place water half fill it or so boil water. place two blocks of butter. let it melt.
    add all the weed. let it boil for a bit then simmer for hours.. usually use the bbq wok outside..

    allow to cool.

    find similar sized container.. pour thru a pasta strainer, press thru the strainer all the butter out with potato masher or similar.

    Discard the junk..

    put in fridge come back hours later when butter has turned solid again.

    pierce hole in butter and tip out all the water. break up butter put in microwave to melt into whatever size container you want.

    put back in fridge and allow to set and enjoy!!

    about 50 grams into a cake/cookies that needs 80 or so grams usually and your out for hours.... 6-7 i believe..

    happy times!

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  • kerlito
    i don´t see yummy for long time, lol

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  • SOTF420
    You can buy cans of Ghee too, yummy

    Thanks for the post

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  • rexamus616
    you got any pictures of the process? sounds fairly simple.... but it would be handy.

    nevermind that.... i found a site with pictures.

    and an explanation of clarified butter:

    Clarified butter is anhydrous milk fat rendered from butter to separate the milk solids and water from the butterfat.[1] Typically, it is produced by melting butter and allowing the different components to separate by density. The water evaporates, some solids float to the surface and are skimmed off, and the remainder of the milk solids sink to the bottom and are left behind when the butter fat (which would then be on top) is poured off.
    Commercial methods of production also include direct evaporation, but may also be accomplished by decantation and centrifugation followed by vacuum drying; or direct from cream by de-emulsification followed by centrifugation.

    Clarified butter has a higher smoke point than regular butter and is, therefore, preferred in some cooking applications, such as sautéing. Clarified butter also has a much longer shelf life than fresh butter.

    interesting shit, man. I'll try this next time.....

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  • Squiggles
    started a topic The sacred ghee

    The sacred ghee

    thought id share a recipe for canna butter ive had floating around
    came from a men at work mag around 92 before they pulled there pot section

    Section 1

    1. To make 1 cup of clarified butter you'll need 1¼ cup of butter. (You will lose approximately 25% of the original butter's total volume when clarifying.)
    2. Place butter in a saucepan over a very low heat. Let the butter melt slowly, do not stir the butter while it is melting.

    3. As the butter melts, it will separate into three layers. The top layer is a thin layer of foam, the middle layer contains the bulk of the liquid (weighing in at about 80% of the total), and the bottom layer is where the water and most of the milk solids are. This natural separation is what makes clarifying possible.
    4. Skim the foam off the surface of the butter, discard the foam. Be cautious to avoid dipping the ladle into the butterfat while skimming, as the fat should remain intact.
    5. At this point, there are two possible methods for removing the butterfat from the water on the bottom of the pan. The method i chose to illustrate is to decant the fat from the water.

    6. Carefully and slowly pour the fat into another container. You can see the water underneath the clear yellow butterfat. If you notice any of the water slipping into the fat, you may need to re-decant your new batch of clarified butter. If there is any water in the clarified butter, and you try adding it to a hot pan, the water will immediately boil when it hits the pan, causing the hot clarified butter to splatter out of the pan and potentially burning the cook.

    An alternate method for separating the fat from the water is to use a ladle and skim the fat up and out of the pan, making sure not to let any of the water get into the ladle.

    Pour your newly clarified butter to a separate container, and discard the water and small amount of remaining milk fat.

    7. If the clarified butter sits for a moment, you might notice more foam float to the top; use a spoon to remove this last bit of foam.

    Section 2 now we have our clarified butter

    1. add 300 mls water to a saucepan together with your desired extraction material id say around an oz would do

    2. bring your saucepan to a low simmer add your ghee(clarified butter)

    3. simmer gently for 1 hour and i mean simmer patience here will pay off

    4. bring saucepan off the heat and setup your strainer and cheese cloth

    strain your ghee to remove any impurites and all the plant material(careful here not to burn oneself )

    Section 3

    1. place fat/oil suspension into the freezer to let the Ghee set

    2. place the set ghee into another pot with 1L water
    and Gently simmer for 1 hour refreeze and discard water

    3. repeat step 2 for 3-4 times you will have the sacred ghee