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Kangativa's Mullumbimby Madness Grow

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    Kangativa's Mullumbimby Madness Grow

    Here's some giant outdoor sativas from Australian sativa breeder/grower Kangativa. His strains include landrace sativas personally collected from Indonesia, Thailand and Mexico (86' Highland Oaxacan Gold) as well as a stabilized line of Mullumbimby Madness from the early eighties. Kangativa has crossed these landrace strains to various Dutch varieties such as NL#5Haze, Jack Herer and White Widow, as well as Norcal Skunk & Norcal Haze from the emerald triangle.

    HELL YEAHHH! Thats a beauty!!! One of the biggest I've seen. Nice job.


      Wow that looks amazing. Is the one in the center with the more done buds a MM also?
      Prop 215 patient




          Really AMAZING Bro
          Get United!


            Lovely to see some old school growin, good to see the choppers arent covering every spot, used to see alot of grows with monster trees before the pricks in the air started to harrass the old school outdoor growers. One place i remember fondly had a law suit running against the leo that kept leo out of their valley for its duration/until resolved, they instructed their laywers to draw it out as long as possible and proceed to grow some of the maddest trees i have seen in abundance for 2 seaseons lol.
            Anyway ty for posting kangas pics from mrnice forums here, he is doing some great work and will hopefully one day release his gems to the world, i have great repect for him and anyone still doing it the old way here
            much respect
            spreading the word of truth like champs


              Oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree...




                  cracking size


                    One cone shit huh.. gotta love that.. you've got enough there to knock out Tassie


                      Whats funny is watching some one smoke 3 cones of one cone shit before they realise they only needed


                        Lol.......Bushweed thanx mate, now I have more posts to answer.

                        Ok to answer the comment on the one in the middle that is mate it is not MM but a cross of my Highland Oaxacan and Sensi's old NL#5xH which I call Space Shuttle coz of the speed it gets you there and the time you are up there.
                        The ones across the front are different crosses of the Oaxacan and mature very late same as the MM.....only just been brought in and that was due to rain and a catapillar attack........bad year for the buggers
                        cheers K
                        STAY YOUNG AND GROW EM BIG


                          History of Mullumbimby Madness

                          Mullumbimby is a small town just inland from Byron Bay, the most easterly point of Australia. And sits on the eroding rim of Wollumbin, the largest extinct volcano in the southern hemisphere, and part of what was once the largest subtropical rain forest on the planet. In 1974 the Aquarius festival held in nearby Nimbin heralded an influx of alternative minded people to the area, following the draft dodgers and traveling surfers of the 60s. These anti-establishment types have cultivated cannabis in the region for more than 40 years and established the area as the mecca of Australian Cannabis culture.

                          Mullumbimby Madness is known by pot smokers around Australia as the best outdoor marijuana in the country. Such is the notoriety of this strain that many Australians refer to cannabis as 'mull', an abbreviation of 'Mullumbimby'. There exist a number of lines of Mullumbimby Madness whose relationship to each other remains unclear. What these strains have in common are; predominantly Thai origins (from the plethora of Thai sticks that flooded the country from the beginning of the Vietnam War); a massive structure - some tall and elegant like Christmas trees, others wide and variegated and reputed to harvest up to 15 pounds; and a potent, uplifting high that has been likened to the best Haze.

                          1. Early 70s strain

                          The following post mentions the Thai origins of Mullumbimby Madness:


                          2. Shantibaba's Mullumbimby Madness:

                          "I was working in Australia on varieties like Mullumbimby Madness and Thai and Columbia strains of sativas, as well as a lot of original Afghan stock."

                          "To answer a bit about Mullumbimby Madness, well that was one of my strains that I worked on in the late 70s and early 80s when I lived in a small village called Main Arm, in between Byron Bay and Kyogle/Lizmore.There was a few legends helping out altogether and we hit something incredible.I still have that as one of the seed stocks that we grow for personal use. It basically was a 3/4 sativa, which is a huge tree and perfect to grow in that sub tropical climate of NSW north out doors.To do this strain inside you need height!!"

                          "I would compare it to Nevils Haze if I was asked to do so...

                          Also we do not get it going hermie ever so that must have been unselected seed or selfing problems. However there are a few version of the same name. I believe Wally Duck has some good versions still and is a good bloke..."

                          Recently Shanti has acknowledged that Cannabis cup winning El Nino (now sold as La Nina) was a mating of Mullumbimby Madness and White Widow:

                          "The seed I used was from original seed grown in northern NSW in the late 70s and 80s of which some referred to it as Mullumbimby Madness...what I considered a Thai Columbian inbreed line from a fellow grower who had had it growing and collected the seed himself from those places in his travels. There were other strains similar viewed as Mullum Madness, so it depends who you spoke to at the time."

                          Shanti's La Nina -

                          Shantibaba's acknowledgment of La Nina's MM heritage explains this report from a Canadian journalist at an early 90s HTs Cannabis Cup:

                          "The Green House told me they supply this bud to Dutch chemotherapy patients. Their house breeder also told me that he used an Australian strain (Mulanimbee Madness) to develop the White Family. He claims the Madness is the most potent pot he's seen on this planet."


                          3. Old Mother Sativa from Kog and 20"Thai


                          "You're about to grow an old sativa crossing that came to Ozz from Thailand in the form of stick(buddah) in the late 50's. She was passed onto me in the mid 70's by me departed Uncle, though I had seen him grow here many times since I was young. This a strain that can yield massive outdoors, and is the most Indoor Friendly Sat I know. IT stretches stuff all. Indoors she can finish anywhere from 90-110 days and it produces some one of the most focused stones around. Focused yet strong and very soaring but not debilitating. Has NO ceiling. The more you smoke, the more stoned you get. If you gave the smoke to soemone who was a choofer in the 60'and 70's in the States, it'll vividly remind them of the old days mate. No one refuses this smoke, and everyone who tries it will tell you it is one of the finest smokes around. When grown out, it has an incredibly long shelf-life. A year later she smokes better than when she is fresh - like the Nam and many other near pure sativas.

                          The strain spread to every corner of ozz as in those days we only had sats and satDom. The sticks it came in at the time went everywhere also. You could by the for years in any part of Ozz. Sometimes Sins, sometimes seeded. When seeded only 1-5% of the seeds weren't crushed. We had hardly any indicas apart from a few IBLs, and they were as rare as hens teeth anyway. I have a mate who's known KOG since he was a boy and I had passed it onto him 2 decades ago. KOG loved her so much he devoted himself as keeper of the strain. So as long s KOG lives, she'll be around - and he doesn't look like he's about to leave us in a great hurry anyway - fit as a fiddle and living the clean life just outside of Nimbin in Kyogle.

                          The name Mullum, MullumbimbyMadness, OldMotherSativa is ALL the same strain under differing names....

                          BTW, the stretch factor of the Mullums are no more than 3 to 1, and is often 2 to 1, especially the shorter pheno which is ideal for indoor SOG grows when left unclipped.

                          So the Mullum is NOT a strain that was developed here as many erronously thought till recent times. That is how she came directly from Thailand mate.
                          BTW - Mullums are much more potent than the DALAT. They'll equal or better Shanti's NevillesHaze in potency and in quality of stone. Shanti asked me to send him some 2 years before he was busted and was about to start them when he did. He knows the strain from when he lived here way back in the 70's but couldn't get his hands on it by the time he left as he was from the state of WA where it was harder to find. He just told me that within the next year he'll do them to to produce seeds and then he'll do a much bigger grow of them if he's pleased with them initially to select an outstanding mum for crossing to make a new breed, or to include in an existing updated one - depending on how they pan out for him. But with these things Mark, one cannot be sure till they try them. In that I mean that he may give them a go and a half, and at the end he may not be happy with them for a range of reasons. REal breeders like him are festidious mate. But I feel he will find something thast he likes - I'd be suprised if he doesn't. When you grow them, you'll see why.

                          OMS grown by Gundawindi:

                          20’Thai sometime later:

                          "These are now plagued with hermi rpoblems and need someone who is capable of breeding it out of them. Believe it or not, these are the very LAST batch of the true Mullums left anywhere that I am aware of. The original 'keeper' of this strain KOG from Kyogle NSW has long discontinued using and selling them because he was unable to rid them of their hermi traits.

                          I do not know of any other PURE IBL sativa that is as indoor friendly as the real Mullum. It’s has the ability of a near ZERO stretch factor in flowering. In fact, most of the newAge Indica hybrids will stretch more than a Mullum in preflower and flower. The trick to eliminating nearly all its stretch is to crop the mainstem once during veg and have it branch out heavily before 12/12’ing. It is then that we experience a few inches of stretching even in a 4-5foot tall vegged plant. So the old age fear of the plant outgrowing your room is non-existent with OMS/Mullum.

                          Even in the ground outdoors with everything they need as far as water and feed are concerned, they will rarely exceed a height of 10foot tall. I have had a couple of freaks over the last 2 decades that went 12foot uncropped, but that is a rare event for OMS. Their awesomeness is in their branching; it branches like MAD. Hence Mullumbinby MADness - the name itself.

                          Most will tell you it has 2 phenos, but I know it has 3, and the third is rarer than any other pheno of any other strain that I have ever come across. Of the hundreds of Mullums I have seen and grown myself, and of the thousands that KOG has grown over 25years to full inground maturity, and of the many many other OMS’s that other people ‘I and KOG’ know who have grown it all over central and northern Ozz in the last 30years, it has only appeared 3 times. The last time being over 15 years ago. It is the SUPER rare all Purple pheno of the Mullum, and it is purple almost from day1. If anyone can get one of these pheno’s, I would advise they firstly mother it for future breeding as it has it own aroma that differs to the other phenos and is more potent than the other phenos. Then they should immediately go out an buy a lottery ticket that has huge dividends, ‘cause chances are they’ll win it too if they were lucky enough to find the true purple pheno of Old Mother.

                          Pheno No1.
                          Large stature heavy branching and hi yielding

                          Pheno No2.
                          SOG pheno. Collimated growth pattern with very little side branching and height. Potency is identical to the 1st pheno.

                          Pheno No3.
                          All purple, and it is not a dark purple. It is a violet-y to medium purple (MARONE) that makes the plant look spectacular with slivers of lime green coming in ‘here and there’. It has NEVER been found in a SOG pheno plant, only with the large heavy branching stature has it ever appeared. This pheno in full bloom is basically a showpiece of a sativa. The stone does it no injustice either. Very cerebral with a spectacular initial soaring that can take you upwards for over an hour before settling into another 2-3 hours of focused bliss.

                          As to the level of potency compared to other sativas? It has been said by many who have tried ‘it’, and Shanti’s Neville’s Haze, including MullumMadman himself at OG years ago, that they are on par in potency with the exception that OMS’s stone is more focused. IOW, of a higher caliber/quality… less narcotic less debilitating but just as zoomy/soaring without any edge on the nerves…smooth as silk.

                          It is without a doubt, one of the better sativas this world has had, but it is time to stabilize her back to her original glory or she will be lost forever if left alone.

                          She is ‘the’ original White strain. She produces lush white resin-ed lambsbread long running buds that are not too thick, but there are a lot of them. You know when she is ready, because when you look at her, you know that you can throw away your manicure/pruning scissors. ALL primary and secondary fan leafs fall off naturally just before she’s ready to take. Leaving one with just plain bud laden branches that with other sativas would take a long time to trim to that level because of the remaining secondary fan leafs that are just about everywhere on an in the buds."


                          Sensient at Mr Nice forum has made the observation that Old Mother Sativa doesn't turn purple in cool weather like the early 70s Mullumbimby Madness variety, except when he crossed OMS to Shanti's 'Shit'.
                          "I noticed the plants purpled right up in cooler conditions, i think due to the shit influence, as i have never seen it in the pure OMS."

                          "also,just wanted to mention a few unique traits in old mother. The branches and stem are almost white and look almost like bambo, it is definatly different from anything i've seen before, also,the plant sends out branches from underground, that is,you get a main stem, then around 20cm away from the main stem two stems pop up on either side!"


                          It has been suggested that OMS x Shit was sold by Mullum Madman via Gypsy Nirvana as Elephant Killer...

                          4.Mullum Madman's strain

                          ".... as an OVERGROW veteran, I witnessed the one called Mullum Madman (one of the family members of the supposed originators of the strain) do several grows of these monstrous sativas that he called...Mullumbimby Madness... in the Nimbin region... anyhow.. for a while, the good man made some seeds and made them available through Seeds Direct.. this was great... untill a bunch of kids tried to grow these tropical landrace (pretty much.. IBL at least) sativas in their superheated closets with their little crap lights and whatnot.. well, thats just not agreeable to a strain that has been bred for 30 years outside in the tropics as a plant that just gets sooo monstrous that its hard to control in an open friggin field. They had hermies, poor potency, and poor yeild on a long ass flower time.. they got upset.. Mullum Madman was run out of the game and havent seen him since,.

                          According to him and his circle, a good component of the Mullumbimby Madness was Papua New Guinea Gold and some other sativas from the pacific rim.. apparently this genepool contributed greatly to the nimbin area, cause alot of the old school sativas grown around there are (supposedly) some version of the original Madness, just showing what the different growers have chosen in ther selections..."


                          A post by sensient at Mr Nice forum's touches on the difference between Mullum Madman's MM and Old Mother Sativa, "mullum madman says and from what i've seen, his version is different from pure old mother sativa, he calls it mullumbimby maddness, and i have shown him pictures (of OMS) and he also knows the source i got some of my stock from and it's definitely not the same!"


                          A review of Mullum Madman's MM by Delta9 in strainbase viewer states:

                          "I've heard many conflicting reports as to what actually is the parent makeup 4 the Mullimbimby. I know 4 sure that there is Thai, Colombian, Mexican, Hawaiian, New Guinean, Indian and Lebanese. In the late sixties and early seventies many a hippy and surfer traveled to those wonderful areas bringing back with them a bit of personal stash. From what I gather after talking to a few of the older guys is that it took them quite awhile to get the finished product.

                          They kept adding strains after guys came back and grew out their seeds. When they had a plant that was near perfect they stopped and started to let it pollinate itself over many years. It's very Sativa apart from the Lebanese but I think 4 the wait it is well worth it."


                          20'Thai states, "MullumMadman had access to numerous lines of Mullum that all had slightly varying characteristics. The commonality was that they were all pure sativa and all had become accustomed to Australia, mainly nth nsw and qld... and they were all damn good smoke."

                          MullumMadman described his MM as a potent strain like Neville's Haze, "but sorta clearer".

                          Old Mother Sativa grown by Mullum Madman's friend Penguin:

                          5. Kangativa

                          Kangativa collected his strain of Mullumbimby Madness
                          in the early 80s from an old time Mullumbimby grower who had bred the strain for 15 years in the Mullum area. Kangativa's MM is of the early 70s pine tree variety growing to 20 feet.

                          Upon seeing 20'Thais OMS pictured above, [/SIZE][/FONT]Kangativa said that the Mullum Madness he collected in the early 80s bares little structural resemblance to OMS. (note: Kyogle where Kog lives, is at least 1 1/2 hours drive from Mullumbimby) Kanga says he has never seen the level of horizontal branching that is evident on OMS, but that his MM is remarkable for the way its branches shoot for the heavens.

                          Like Shanti
                          baba, Kangativa has grown MM for close to 30 years and never once encountered hermie problems. Kangativa's MM is a a long flowering sativa that takes between 130-160 days to complete. In comparison OMS flowers between 90-110 days, .

                          Kangativa has described the high of Mullumbimby Madness as, "incredible it can vary to a racey trippy high for some to a down right knockout stone for others, for me I find it a trippy high that lasts for a long time....."

                          After smoking Kangativa's Mullumbimby Madness, the father of Dutch seed banks, Nevil Schoenmakers noted the similarity between MM and pure Haze, "The closest I had to some of these MM phenos was when I crossed HzB to HzC. Like the Haze also, the MM throws a small percentage of elites. I've now smoked two of them in what appears to be about a dozen MM types (hybrids). Most are strong, but not noteworthy and then there is the good ones. As a friend said, you are smoking away and suddenly it feels like God has come into the room. I call it presence."


                          Looking at the structure of Kangativa's Mullumbimby Madness lends weight to the idea that when you cross a Thai...

                          with a Colombian ...

                          you get...

                          Mullumbimby Madness

                          Other Reported Lineages: In the late seventies Kangativa encountered some marijuana from the 150 year old Hunter Valley landrace crop and remarked upon the similarity of it to MM. Others have also mentioned the two strains in the same breath, with one Dutch seed site advertising Old Mother Sativa purported to be from the Maitland/Hunter valley landrace.

                          Here is another MM strain lineage from the BongGirl website:

                          "Mullumbimby Madness = traditional South-Asian and landrace Australian (Nth NSW in Aus) sativa mix from “Old Mother”: Thai (50%, female) x Colombian Sativa (25%, male) x Bangladesh Sativa (25%, male)"


                          Perhaps a post by sensient at MNS forums best summarises the confusion around the preponderance of strains referred to as Mullumbimby Madness or Old Mother Sativa:

                          "I had heard of Mullumbimby Maddness, and the many myths associated with and went on a mission to find it, i had relations in Lismore, so spent alot of time around that region,and found lots of so called M M strains,and spent many years growing and experimenting with these strains outdoors, i was really impressed by the size of these beauties, and the amazing effect some of these strains produced! I later started indoor growing,and switched to indice based strains.

                          About 10 years ago, i took an interest in the sativas again, and was again on the search, i ended up running into a guy, who had been growing the old mother sativa, a pure giant sativa, also known as Mullumbimby Madness, i obtained seed from him, and grew it out and experimented with it many years, it took a lot of selection to find the right plant, but they were in there, and produced an amazing product. I also joined "overgrow",and shared my experiences, photos, etc, i ran into a lot of growers,gropwing the same strain and other M.M strains and pure sats. Mullum madman had some great sats, and a version of M.M. I obtained many M.M lines,and old mother sativa from diffrent growers, and also an excellent highland p.n.g gold, i also collected what i thought was the most amazing strain i had the pleasure to smoke, a pure thai, the one made popular, but gaurded tightly,by 20 thai for those who remember, unfortunatly it was gaurded a bit to "tightly"and vanished! I received the strain,only finally after promising with my life never release it out of my garden. I lost the strain due to circumstances, but do have an old tore of the seeds, they may be useless though.

                          There was also a few landraces introduced by growers in 2002, i can remember when they hit,some of them where amazing, including a strain from bangledesh,and an amazing thai, they called it "78 thai bhudda" or something like that,so i know there are definatly a few old gems floating around, theres also a few growers around Aus now doing some work with old school sat lines, the zoid line i think ones called.
                          I and many others have wanted nothing more than to see some of the sats collected by aussie growers used by breeders. unfortunatly alot of the older strains around have lost alot of there character due to poor breeeding and care, but there are some out there, i hope some of these guys from the overgrow days step up and join in... "

                          In summary
                          - OMS was said by 20'Thai to come from late 50s Thai stick
                          - the Overgrow post from Raco states the early 70s variety came from 72' Thai stick
                          - both reported purple phenos, but rarer in OMS, which was not prone to purple coloration in cooler climates, but occasionally a 'showcase purple' genotype would surface
                          - on the other hand the early 70s MM variety was renowned for turning purple towards the end of its growing season
                          - little is known of Shanti's MM other than that it was a hybrid of various sativas incl. Thai and Colombian, and was considered on par with Neville's Haze for potency. It is a parent of El Nino/La Nina along with White/Black Widow.
                          - the early 70s variety grew to 23 feet, while OMS only grew occasionally to 12 feet with little vertical stretch, but massive lateral branching.
                          - Mullum Madman's MM grew to 20 feet, but was either a mix of hybrids including
                          Thai, Colombian, Mexican, Hawaiian, New Guinean, Indian and Lebanese, or possibly an OMS/MM hybrid.
                          - Both Kog's OMS and Mullum Madman's MM had hermie problems.
                          - Shantibaba's MM had no hermie problems.
                          - Kangativa's MM grows to 20 feet with no hermies
                          - Kangativa
                          likens his plants to the Hunter Valley landrace varietal - origin possibly Indian .
                          - OMS has a shorter flowering period than Kangativa's MM.


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                              lol just simply w... t... f...! haha they're amazing! mind my asking how old these plants are? is that really just one years growth before harvesting them?
                              **** DISCLAIMER **** Everything said here is fictional and made up, all photos were found on the internet.

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