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    I love this thread! Keep it going!

    Went to Amsterdam in 2000. Some 20 years ago. Went to Barney's Breakfast Bar, the Bananan Bar, and a lot of other places. Grey Area, Dampkring, Bulldog, Greenhouse.
    Love those Dutch women with the blonde hair n boobies!


      Originally posted by stashpot View Post
      1ehulp, the plug, and the grey area are only ones worth it and maybe one or 2 others that aren't well known.
      Amsterdam is ruined in my opinion its just full of party goers looking to experience their first high or first trip there, or they are just with a big group of loud teenagers/ young students. Lots of a certain kind if you get me, and not the kind you want to chill and smoke with. Sure the 3-4 days i was there (Christmas 2019) i was asked could they use my grinder about 4 different groups ask me... They can afford moonrocks but not a 5er grinder..(annoying) last time I felt good about the dam was 2011.

      Places are way to loud and overcrowded and nobody really cares about quality or raised prices, budtenders are not the same as before they have no time for you or to show you or tell you about the product.

      You ask to see (strain B) then you say yeah okay i guess i just have to chance it because this guy doesn't have a clue and he doesn't care. some of them didn't even smoke cannabis. (not a joke)

      You'll be lucky to find a seat in any coffee shop any time before 10-11am.
      Prices have nearly doubled for most stuff.
      Notable strains
      I-95 plug
      Cherrypie hash plug
      Violator Kush 1ehulp
      Grey areas Haze
      hash from 1ehulp was good
      and 1 or 2 small little shops had real amnesia and imported hashish that was really nice and the place felt oldskool still.. i cant remember the place but i know the guy from it i seen him before and in documentary's its something like old head jim or something. always has hashish on him.

      nyway i love amsterdam but i dont think i could ever see it being the same as 2000s primo
      Youve put me off .last time i nipped into eindhoven 5 g amnesia from pinks no stone resin heads stolen.


        why couldnt i just go over there and throw up 10 lights and some hot strains and get rich? lets pretend for the sake of argument i grow some thunder ass hydro for em.... The Video tour i saw of coffeeshops were disgusting holding dried out buds in clear shoeboxes always pointing to the "cali" for 20/g? Never saw a pic of flower that would fetch more than 200 an oz maybe 220 here. Where I feel they have ZERO top end exotic properly handled kind bud. What I saw in my research at least.


          Hello! My name is Daniel. I’ve been to Amsterdam five times. My nickname is Amsterdan. I’ve been to all the famous coffee shops there. I have a fun tradition that whenever I go to Amsterdam, when I get off the train I go STRAIGHT to Barney’s Breakfast Bar. For my first grow I am growing two strains. Sweet tooth from Barney’s farm which represents the first weed I smoked (at Barney’s of course) on my first trip there (Cannabis Cup winner that year) and Jack Herer which seemed to be my favorite strain every time I’m there. I miss the Rokerij locations they were one of my favorites. Thanks to all the forum contributors for the info I’m getting for my first grow.


            Went over a few winters ago for a wee Christmas treat an have to concur that the American stuff isn't worth it (altho ah don't think it's worth it even when grown properly, not ma kind of high)

            Best ah got out of a fair few weeds, was the Hawaiian Haze at Abraxas. Tourist shop for sure but all ah can say is the Hawaiian was the best in ma opinion. Even looked intae gettin some of their seeds but couldn't find them anywhere. Best guess is it's Nirvana's Hawaii Maui Wowie, Mr Nice Spice or his Mango Haze. Ah've got the Maui comin in the post so we'll see about that, then ah might see if ah can get a deal on the mango haze at auction.
            Ganja gu brah

            JB's Sativa Hacking Hub


              Seemingly unteachable regarding crimbo

              Beforehand - while I appreciate input in general and happy to see some interaction in this thread since my last report – I want to ask anyone to please stay on-topic as this is not about whenever you have been to Amsterdam in your life or your general point of view but mainly about the latest reviews of coffeeshops you visited either in the Dam or the rest of the Netherlands.
              Thanks in advance!


              Cheers, hope you can go soon again at some point!


              No offence intended and I basically agree with you as well as would supporting your approach as shown in my posts here but while I think naiveté is generally a good thing as it still implies surprises in what seems a too determined world these days you're on the wrong track with your thought respectively
              idea big time.
              This infracstructure in the Netherlands doesn't exist since yesterday and I can tell you Dutchies know how to trade historically spreaking and learnt how to make money so one will have a rough time trying to take the bread out of their mouth on their own ground. Even more than that this applies to any country/place in this world ; just try to enter an (il)legal market no matter what product in any random neighbouring city of yours(hint, hint).
              Nonetheless, good luck!

              By the way: I now remember someone asked me on here what I think about Haarlem some time back and here's my opinion: been rarely to this town yet and only know a few places but clearly remember about the sorta hype ages back. Can't judge at all but each to their own, enjoy!

              So despite knowing better we just came back from a trip to Amsterdam:

              Original Dampkring:

              were shown a couple of options but apart from one new blonde Moroc(16€/g)we all tried this before so went for the current batch of 'Khalis'(15€/g)and another new Moroc called 'Muhib'(sp) for laughable 18€/g.
              Latter one I wouldn't have gone for but a mate was curious – as sorta anticipated only Dampkring's version of current so called traditional landrace hashish from Morocco being vastly overpriced for reasons others and myself already pointed out in this thread and elsewhere on here.
              Nice enough but nothing special at all ; again to be fair though we couldn't resist visiting our favourite private source
              outside of town on our way to this holiday destination(again, so handy Nederland is small and you figuratively can reach everything in a few minutes. Again, no offence intended as 'quality over quantity' applies here, too)for
              proper Moroccan resin and it was just on the same level in opposite to their usual consistency in quality.
              Bit of a disappointment but I guess I can still file that under 'first world problems', really as there will always be next time.
              The 'Khalis' this time smelt and tasted a lot more like traditional Moroc than new ones so in fact it is 'ticking all the boxes', lovely effects as well.
              So even better than the gold we usually pick up privately and so best traditional on this occassion!
              Though not my type of hashish as just a sticky, suspective blackish lump and wouldn't it be the Original Dampkring I wouldn't bother as they rarely put me off over the years hashwise ; otherwise as mentioned before a too crowded shithole. Remember this all started with batches of 'Habibi' and 'Noor 2000' Tweede Kamer came up years ago.

              The Plug:

              They had quite a selection for hashish this time and we got us Papaya 90 micron and Sherbet 73 micron for insanely priced 22€ respectively 25€ per gram and supposedly from Morocco.
              Purchased nonetheless particularly excuse this time was 'buy it before the world comes down' due to covid19-pandemic. Riddiculously named again by the way as I doubt those 'strains' were involved. 'Papaya' particularly had a beuatiful yellow yet ochre colour, quite impressive texture and a strong taste of foreign genetics is all I can say, sorry.
              Oh and yes, it had a strong sorta up-high but quite clear and one dimensional. Good solid though of course!
              The 'Sherbet'[put up pictures here] came up with similar properties and tasting a bit of kush I'd imagine and somehow fruity. Effects were a tad stronger than the 'Papaya' but sorta characterless as I'm always greedy for trippy as hell effects.
              Still probably the best Moroc with foreign genetics this time and needless to say I'd go nuts if I would have had that quality of both products at home every now and then as it is clearly high grade bordering on top gear!

              Tweede Kamer, Greenhouse, Barney's, Siberie, Kandinsky, El Guapo, Amsterdamned(out of sheer amusement, ridiculous) and Resin were visited as well but couldn't serve what our dreaded as picky group of hash loving mates were looking for mostly.

              Conclusion: as reported in the past years I don't like to go during crimbo time but this opporutnity it was apart from mostly lousy weather quite bearable as no matter how much I like gatherings of family and mates I can't stand that corny christmas commerce everywhere and no matter where on this planet so I appreciate a stall-free Dam square and all that ; fuck them christmas fairs!
              Also for obvious reasons not many people around compared to usually. So win-win me thinks and softens my bad conscience of having failed again not going over crimbo.
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                Heyhooo guys, 3 Weeks ago was my resin hunt taking place.

                Tweede and coffeeshop amsterdam, (amsterdam genetics) 7 Euro king Hassan, nice fresh aromatic best buy all in all.

                Boere/Bij (amsterdam genetics) 7 Euro madleine- stinging/burning feeling in mouth not throat after bonghits. Not my Taste .
                8,5 white Choco hash new harvest. I Love white russiian and wc mostly has that Taste i Love, high is nice and as described, stoned but Not sleepy, hehehe at First..
                9,5 supersilverhazeblock --- stable quality, Gold Standard imho for new genetics. Love the Taste, handling and most important the high.. strong hazehigh with enough indica for me.

                The kosher tangie static block, 13 Euro (3? Month ago) was something too , didnt like the fatkidscake not the static Edition for 11 nor the 9 Euro regular Version now beeing sold, nothing Special compared, but maybe i was expecting too much.

                Didnt buy the khalis this Time, but 3 month ago it was super smell, scissor hash smell , of course that wasnt the case, but my nose immediatly fell in love. Hard to prepare, supertaste, superhigh but i expected t to be stronger and was a little dissapointed again, but still great hash.
                14 Euro himalayan suddha, (3month ago)authentic Taste oily Top charras, for 14 euro/g Top Deal, only small downside was the Taste in my case, i like more the lemmon/eathy/pine tasting ones i had in manali/vashisht, This one was more herbal/incense but still Superior quality and Luxury problem in my case.

                Coffeeshop Solo, shout out to Dario and Federico. Top guys, knowlegable and symphatic.

                13 Euro Creme de la creme oldschool high class afghan, super clear body high for me, realy enjoying Taste and handling oily but good to handle.

                11? Euro ak47 good one
                And fuck my life, the Tiramisu is just fingerlicking good,authentic made with love and 0,5 of kushweed. Honestly could be stronger, but gives a nice Buzz, so 8,5 Euro for a bomb Tiramisu in Amsterdam, ans time again. Best edible EVER tastewise.

                Coffeeshop Johnny (amsterdam gen. Again) kosherkushblock 10 Euro Definition *ridiciously stoned* nice but a little onedimensional, strong/heavy indeed long lasting, like it in the end hahaha. Zombie Shit =)

                10 Euro amnesia haze( 50 Cent up) thats my weed for Amsterdam, i realy dig the amnesia high
                12 Euro amazing haze (amnesia X caramella) had the impression all the locals are buying it, in all the Amsterdam genetics Stones, like it to but 2 Euro less amnesia does the equal Trick for me.

                11 Euro supersilverg13 What can i say, I Love them supersilverhaze genetics in most cuts obviously, Hahahaha

                10,50 Johnny harvest, some say supersilverhaze 2.0 some supersilver light, for me its more of the later, but still Would prefer it over any overpriced, bland dissapointment from greenhouse and most other, i just cant smoke that harsh and tumbled weed, having Access to least 1 years Models 2 years cured, luxuryproblem hahaha.. but Amsterdam mostly sucks weedwise. Never had the cali and NEVER EVER will pay such ridiciolous prices =)

                Best of the Trip was nonetheless king Hassan fresh Classic, reminding me a little of the umma gumma hash dampkring had years ago.

                Diddnt like Hassan Deluxe from strainhunters 10e/g
                Greenhouse Cheese cream 12e/g was ok, but nothing special. Bluebird templeball 10 e/g wasnt nice to smoke/tasting hash.

                Btw. Its crazy to see the prices for the oldshool maroccan high grade beldia/thighine/ketama/hia What the fuck? Having still Access to eggs Classic high end and ridiciously cheap, no way i will pay that but eggs are 2019, and borders closed, so no new ones will not come sadly, in the next Future... so maybe most block hashes are indeed, from spain/netherlands/albania or r they cheaper simply because they r more available? If the classic highgrade realy got nearly extinct, then why is it popping up all over the menues to connoseur prices?

                An interesting approach at why the hash is so "oily", dont know anymore if Solo or dampkring budtender told, but he said its because the morocans dont dry the plants on the rooftop in the sun anymore for long Time, but now dry shorter and indoor, or shade. The result is more water/moisture in the collected resin. Could be a piece of the Puzzle imho.
                Stay healthy guys, all the best for you and your families. Thanks nys for your allways enjoyable and founded Posts . Take care
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                  i can tell that the most of the tourist shops in adam bring up an average quality.
                  if u looking for some nice hash u maybe want to check out the „1e hulp“. i remember some og kush hash that was pretty dirty !

                  also a friend of mine is daily updating coffeeshop menues, i dont want to post advertising. if i can help send me a dmsg.

                  have a nice day !


                    Hi guys.Do u know in Amsterdam a place to find extract like rosin or shatter?We can dab in a coffee?


                      According to the name of this very thread I spat out years ago I thought it's now as an sorta exception time for a report from the provinces.

                      So on our way to some mates in the Netherlands for a regular change we took a little detour[again what ever this means in this small country, no offence intended]and stopped by in Tilburg this week.


                      Of course a shop we frequent since ages. Due to Covid19 and lockdown mostly only pick-up during the pandemic. We inspected a couple of their wares and staff behind the counter recommended their Moroccan 'Diamond'[put up a picture here] for 16€ a gram as their best traditional ; there was one for a few Euros less
                      and one for 18 but that was this batch you similarly currently find at many shops which means traditional which at least doubled in price and was reported by others and me on here before so I'm good thanks.
                      The Diamond I had many batches before didn't disappont this time either: solid in consistency yet warming slowly up in one's hands, lovely spicy Moroccan flavour and relatively strong body-stoned for this type of Moroc so genuine high grade I'd lick my lips among others at home ; very similar to what others sell as 'Shoe Moroc'. Best traditional high grade this visit ; though I had a tad better in the past here or elsewhere, just saying !
                      We had a very similar Moroc as well this trip from an other source which I think is a good sign that those types are to be had a bit more than usual at the minute.
                      Two others supposedly from Morocco and sold as 'dry sift‘, darker Ice Cream Cake for 13€(more on the soft side) and blondish 'I can't remember' for 12€(fell apart to dust when handling, almost a kief feel).
                      They were nice enough but remarkably less in quality than some months ago(and even then they weren't great either)respectively other batches during last year, somehow doubt they're from Morocco(still thinking of Spain or even lower grades considering stupid names from Usa/Canada[they produce enough grass so why not?] respectively indeed fuck knows where from) but who knows in the end?
                      A mate also got some blonde fresh frozen ice-o-lator supposedly imported from California for 38€ a gram.
                      That one was saved for the next day at the end of another session before we went back home but while not as strong as the staff warned us about it could cut a bit through the accumulated fog ; had a very generic but clean ice-o-lator taste and smell, didn't even bubble at all. All in all not bad but expected more.
                      So a bit of a so-so experience this time but I don't blame the shop at all and I'm very grateful the Diamond was available. Best classic resin from the Rif.


                      Moroccan staff inside took their time to show as well as explain their best Morocs for 12€ and 15€.
                      The latter one was indeed lovely classic material but while in fact ticking all the boxes a bit commercial high grade and not close to the one from Toermalijn, also too expensive but this again is due to mentioned crisis at the minute.

                      Before them('saving the best for last')we visited Maximillian, Level, Pasja, Crackers, Grass Company II and Caza as well as De Muze which all couldn't deliver except of the two latter ones as their best Morocs looked very tempting(though overpriced ; similar batches and all that, see above) but we didn't make it back but surely next time.

                      All in all a lovely stopover including a few aha moments thrown in when talking to owners and staff in regards to situation in Morocco respectively what was on offer and all that.
                      Still, as previous trip to the Dam roughly a week before has shown as well, one can definitely notice a bullish tendency in quality when traditional Morocs are concerned. Still they're too expensive but compared to the average quality in the last half
                      of the year too often they're particularly better in the overall package.

                      Let's see what comes next again!
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