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    Still a nice enough trip


    Cheers, thanks for supporting this thread here then!

    Came back from an overnighter in Amsterdam last night.


    They had some new Amnesia Polm(16€/g) – won some random fake cup as advertised on the menu – which looked promising but was after other things.


    Here they offered Gelato Cream and Amnesia Cream both supposedly blonde resin from Morocco for 7€ each per gram ; 8€ for Critical Cream. Nice enough in appeareance.
    Does this mean they now not only come up with cheap names for strains at coffeeshops everywhere but also with 'cheap' prices finally, even at shitholes as Greenhouse?
    Says again a lot about availability and all that regarding latest offerings on the hash market.

    El Guapo:

    Haven't been here since quite some time and don't remember if I ever purchased. However, bit of small run down place unimpressively tucked away in a side-street.
    They had about twenty strains of grass and about fifteen of hash, also about twenty options for joints, hilarious.
    What ever, I came here because I read about a new group of importeurs of moroccan hashish about a year ago which have quite some marketing going on everywhere, especially on social media . They among coffeeshop De Kroon are supplying this shop with their gear.
    Finally I came round to try a bit here as entered and asked friendly dutch guy straight for this and was shown OG Kush(12€/g), Original Glue#4 30mm micron(15€/g), Original Glue#4 60mm micron(?), Tidghine(11€/g)and Kandy Kush(14€/g) from said range.
    Bought the 30mm version which was barely pressed if at all and less in smell than the 60mm but still as tasty as a high grade should be(though would imagine the other one is tastier just judging by more intense smell ; though I know it pretty much depends on the size of trichomes and so is straindependant which sift is the tastiest) ; so strong enough in kushy taste and strengthwise as I would expect a resin to be at this range of micron, very strong body stoned for such hashish while not making you too tired at all. Almost strong enough, I like it!

    Blonde and sorta more pressed Tidghine on the other side came with a beautiful classic taste but with a very light, subtile up-high too often coming with such types. Bit overpriced but recommended if you're after such.

    Kandy Kush was indeed an very intense taste of sweet kush, again practically unpressed. So intense I'm laughing my ass off when thinking of many offerings at coffeeshops in the last years just struggle to compete with such intensity when it comes to the indoor grass they sell
    but don't tell anyone(you promise? ), really impressive even though I had other types this year performing similar from else where, also mostly unpressed stuff either from coffeeshops or privately. Please note though I'm talking about intensity not deepness of taste if you get my drift as mentioned elsewhere on here though the other day when it comes to hashish from certain strains but you can't have it all me thinks.
    Also coming with a strong enough relaxation while more of an up high.

    Summa summarum a nice enough approach from this group it seems yet.
    Don't wanna go too far but it is good that there is some 'competition' coming when thinking of established brands at Tweede/Dampkring II, Original Dampkring and Boerejongens(let alone the many other ones involved too but never be mentioned for some reasons).
    Looking at their marketing it is sorta aggressive to me and appears a bit too much especially when showing some details in public. I think the deep web would be a better place for certain content
    as they are playing with fire but seems to happen more than one expects but not so familiar with social media stuff.
    Though it also shows a bit about structure too of this illegal hash game which has funny but also very sad parts if you think outside the box.
    We will see how long this semi-public activity lasts but probably intention is as much attention as possible until that brand is established and then it is probably time to disappear and only acting in the background again.
    I mean their propaganda works well as many people and me currently talking about their stuff ; you also get some kitsch when buying their products and from experience I know people tend to love kitsch especially if it is free and sorta forget about quality a bit.
    So in times of social media and online marketing you probably gain significant more profit with minimal extra effort and costs as giving away stupid stickers or packaging people might even collect. All this semi-officiall presentation might even hide the fact that this is all still illegally produced and coming with no health protection regarding products as for example at pharmarcies and all that ; let alone everything being all right over there in this country. Kudos to such shrewdness.
    Again, apart from those negative points good products to be had. Though not to forget there is still room for improvement qualitywise. Time will tell.

    Original Dampkring:

    Had Thidrin Zabida(which probably translates to 'You paid too much, fool', Moroccan, 13€/g)and Zetla(sp, Moroccan, 14€/g)shown as new by the budtender.
    Former one blonde and classic and latter one a sorta darkish, sticky cream of unknown genetics. The Thidrin Zabida was more oily and a bit deeper in taste than the Tidghine from El Guapo and also as overpriced. Though I liked this here a touch more. Recommended.
    By the way, he also showed me a new Afghan, 'Al something'(18€/g) and claimed it is the strongest on the menu ; doubt that though it looked quite pressed and sorta resinous.


    Female budtender showed a few tubes and particularly recommended Do-Si-Dos( Girl Scout Cookies X Face Off OG – latter one is quite funny to me and I always thought what hilarious name comes next, 15€/g ). Since a while a better product I had from this shop. Relatively dense and resinous, kushy smelling bud.
    Taste was there too and smooth as well as strong enough stoned with some heady moments thrown in. Best bud of the trip!


    Used to come here a tad more when it was coffeeshop Stix(rest in peace)and known for Temple Balls and Gunpowder. Still a nice enough shop to have a smoke but nowadays seemingly more busy. Also relatively small.
    Were sold Kashmir Pollen at 14€/g and Strawberry Sour Diesel going for the same rate if memory doesn't trick me ; after seeing a selection of tubes ranging in quality.
    Even though I should again have known better Kashmir Pollen only lead to what I sorta imagine as a 'cbd high' as usual but worth a try me thinks as spicy taste was nice enough and also looked proper under the 'scope. Weird again but this seems to be the norm with resin from that area.
    Strawberry Sour Diesel my company opted for tasted sorta musky to me personally and not what I would expect from name and genetics supposedly involved if I'd be that naive here.
    No expert on said strain though. Nonetheless a nice rounded smoke.
    Strawberry Banana(15€/g) from Morocco looked divine and I noticed other shops had this, too(Bagheera, Rusland and others). Will keep that shop in mind again.

    Tweede, ThePlug/Utopia, Kadinsky, Blue Bird, Green Place(only had a few hashes listed anymore ; Wine Gum for 20€/g was ridiculous), Bushdocter(few offers coming as Moroccan eggs for 20+€ back on the menu with the same corny names as Lemon Haze et cetera), Katsu, Bagheera, Resin (tried to sell hashish named OG Fire for 20€/g which is not from Morocco according to the budtender).Stone's, Family First, The Other Side, Betty Two, Rusland, Club Media, De Kroon, Roxy, De Kuil, Siberie and Boerejongens weren't good enough for our snobbish tastes as for some reasons especially me was looking for the cream of the crop for some reasons this time. Though hashwise seems to be a nice choice of mid- and high grades around town again. Weed again not so much, not taking pseudo imported weed into consideration though.

    Again as usual take this or anyone elses review with a grain of salt again, especially since I caught a bit of a cold at the half of this trip which led to an earlier departure which is a bummer but not the end of the world as there is always next time, isn't it?
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      I had that "afghan" at dampkring.. in fact i still have it weeks later because its awful, they added oil or something to some weird high trichs until the texture looking like afghan black.. these guys are just making concoctions from different shit and calling it fanciful names..

      I was in Dam at the beginning of the month and feel pretty put off going back again..

      The guys selling are all retards as well that dont know shit.. still anything by karma has been consistently my best results, maybe because he's dutch
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        Definitely go to Warda 2 on Javastraat if you intend to buy bigger quantities. Awesome buds and 5g (of some strains) cost under 40€!


          Despite everything a nice enough stay

          Just back from a trip to Amsterdam:

          Voyagers: got shown a couple of boxes I can't remember the stupid and very trendy names of but eventually went for some Herz_Og for disgusting 16€ a gram as they upped their prices there now, too. As said before they sorta went downhill as well in the last years but every now and then they have quality on(as so many other shops, too. One word: inconsistency). There was indeed a nice kushy taste and nice enough bud, not impressive from look and potency though so not more than the usual 'high grade' of coffeeshops nowadays.

          Tweede Kamer: boring menu I already tried the items I'm after so this visit got me Twizzla(classic moroccan resin, 12€/g)again after a while and can say it was strong enough on the body and mind but lacked a bit in taste(earthish/piney). Still best traditional hashish this visit!

          Solo: opted for their classic Hiya(10€/g)and Strawberry Banana(moroccan hashish with foreign genetics, 14€/g). Hiya had a nice enough spicy taste but came with a weak uppish high. All in all nice enough but wouldn't buy
          that again with a choice(at home might be different indeed). The other one was a pain to work with due to
          being a sorta dark sticky cream when handling ; strong kush taste though and nice enough up high with some body sedation thrown in. Also got recommended their Banana(OG?)for 15€(foreign genetics from Morocco)and despite looking very good I wasn't interested as I had a very similar batch recently elsewhere.

          El Guapo: friendly young dutch guy let me have a look at a couple of Morocs. There was GG#4 60mm micron sieve, GG#4 30mm micron sieve and GG#4xS5 sold which I found hilarious(all for 11€/g each)but looked nice enough.
          Also clocked most of their upper priced offerings are now coming in those plastic containers and so are pre-packed
          which I never like(well, as long as I don't know about the turnover of a shop, there are exceptions but please weigh up for me!). Eventually bought some hilariously named Gorillaberry(foreign genetics from Morocco but I couldn't find a strain named like this on the internet so I assume name game or melange, 14€/g).
          Quite blonde resin, not at all pressed and falls apart when touching. One can't even knead it properly, falls apart over and over again. Fine powder indeed, very good quality in general.
          Strong body stoned and one dimensional up high with a nice enough kushy taste but a bit harsh on the throat. Still the best if not outstanding moroccan hashish with foreign genetics this trip, cheers! Posted a picture here.

          Greenhouse: Spotted Nicole x Strawberry(14€/g)on the hash menu and on impulse(another example for this silly name game) bought that blonde from Morocco though can't remember much, sorry.

          1eHulp: haven't been to this den since quite a while. Friendly guy behind the counter recommended their
          moroccan Miss Usa(I wish the ground would open and swallow me up when reading such names but in opposite to Gorillaberry this strain at least seems to exist, 15€/g)and Golden Lemon(foreign genetics, 15€/g).
          Both nice in general. Went for that lemon thingie which reminded me of a certain type of oldschool Moroc to some
          degree as this one here was grey-whitish with a very resinous look and a delicious smell indeed sorta lemon-like. Also, very, very oily but not as remotely dusty as the Gorillaberry.
          While it ticked a lot of boxes I don't dig the clear taste ; even though it is special somehow but not at all related to the smell in my humble opinion.
          Also it burnt a bit funny(difficult to light) though this probably needs further inspection and probably down to my own fault
          but no time left.
          Effects were more uppish and not as strong as the Gorillaberry which in the end is the biggest factor to me again. All in all still a close second I'd say.

          Het Gelderse, Barney's, The Plug(Kush, Kush, Kush – everything the friendly budtender showed respectively especially recommended to us either supposedly imported from California or dutch grown smelt like this, around ten tubs. Average. Next.)Siberie(budtender recommended blonde moroccan Mango something and classic Top Tidghine(11,5€/g)but skipped them), Green Place(as said before only three options for hashish there now ; two cheap ones for only 2g each(12€)even though they at least weigh that up for you. Poor offer but sign of times I suppose when looking at their weed menu focussed on trends seemingly.), Bagheera,
          Kadinsky, Bluebird(noticed they now sell their Water Pressed Afghan for 10€ for 0,8g so reduced the price but didn't take a look but remember some people were after that stuff. Also guy showed me some Nikol Cream(12, 5€/1,1g) which was filed under the asian section of the menu but obviously from Morocco – did I mention I like those menus and name games?),
          Resin(friendly guy showed some old traditional moroccan hashish and that OG Fire(20€/g)to me. Latter one according to this time a different budtender was from Morocco and a dark creamy hashish which didn't smell much.), Central ,
          Rusland(took a look at one Moroc with foreign genetics I forgot and Shoe Soles they now too have on the menu for 14€ which in retrospect I should have gone for but didn't make it back sadly. Noticed a different vibe there as well somehow.)and
          Original Dampkring(was recommended moroccan Wadi Alzuhur by the patient young budtender, one of those more pressed ones also coming with foreign genetics but was after something else ; though one of the few shops offering a bit of a different menu)didn't have anything on for our spoilt tastes.

          After all a nice stay but noticed those new types of hashish are even more all over the place ; while the quality seems to get better in general there is not much variation anymore, while a couple of years back only a few shops had some highlights on, now many carry the same stuff and one has to dig harder to get the outstanding gear perhaps.
          Though due to a show and other commitments we couldn't venture out that much this time to visit other places so this might only be a snapshot in time and all that. There is always next time though, innit?
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            Another visit to town

            Just back from another trip to Amsterdam.

            Bagheera: Sherbet(13€?/g) and Lemon Candy(14€/g), both from Morocco, were purchased here.
            These two were nice enough and that's what I can say about it as I simply not remember more of them.

            Original Dampkring: this time due to the lack of new items I went for Wadi Alzuhur(15€)from Morocco from my last visit here.
            Indeed a piny yet lemony smoke as the menu suggests but last time I was funnily told it comes with foreign genetics. Nice enough strength both head- as well as bodywise, too. In fact that type of classic quality ticking all the boxes around every time when in Amsterdam but too often at different shops if you get my drift. So best classic resin this trip but nothing special in itsself!

            Solo: were shown some moroccan Silver Haze something(Moroc) and a kush variety. Despite the hash looking all right went for the kush for a change. About 15€/g if memory serves me right. Good enough kushy taste and effect so all in all not a bad buy but not outstanding in the end. After again seeing a lot of very medocre buds at coffeeshops as usual this was the only one worth it this time.

            El Guapo: noticed prices have risen mostly by one euro while quality didn't change at all which is so typical and sad at the same time in this coffeeshop game.
            However, got us some Special Moroc(14€, before 13€), Kandy Kush(15€, before 14€)and White Og(15€).
            The Special was this type of almost greyish looking Moroc coming with a relatively strong body stoned.
            Taste is there but not as intense as other resin though all in all second best classic moroccan hash we picked up this trip ; such stuff you don't see very often anymore in my humble opinion and it reminded me of an other favourite shop still selling similar unique resin.
            The Kandy Kush(posted a picture here) is still as said before here the most intense when it comes to taste and the effects are somewhat still strong enough but it was a bit harsh on the throat this time.
            Budtender, while praising all the wares he was showing to us, mentioned this is a new batch which I doubt it is.
            In this case it felt to me that they sorta held back a certain amount from last year's harvest to come up now with a bit of variety when they introduce new products from that certain group supplying their shop with more exclusive stuff.

            Also he told us about a stupid competition for customers when collecting stickers coming with pre-packed resin from this group but we didn't want to partake nor pay more because of stupid hypes, tuna cans and stickers.
            Last year there were more strains available from said group and now it's already June.

            Saying all that it is still the best one with foreign genetics this trip! Were also offered 24K from this group which was new but similarly bored of that ourselves as with so called 'Amnesia' supposedly coming from Morocco.
            Though looked reasonabble qualitywise(15€).
            White Og on the other hand had a different taste and smell compared to other hashes ; somewhat kushy but particularly unique, though not intense but very clear. I'd say as strong as the Kandy Kush and a very good smoke as well but not my favourite. Both are blondes and unpressed.
            By the way, shop also sold Shoreline and such for 17€/g.

            Barney's: Glookies(sp, 15€/g, description said something 'BF Glookies BlahBlahBlah')we got here and while it certainly was a high quality product coming with foreign genetics I'm very bored of most of such labelled stuff ; also among other reasons because of lately I talked to people in the know about it whom confirmed prior thoughts of mine that much hashish -not all- supposedly coming from Morocco is just produced in Spain from indoor harvests nowadays. Fraudulent labelling again. No surprise at all.

            Roxy, Greenhouse, Bluebird, Kadinsky, Siberie, De Kroon, Voyagers, Dampkring, Boerejongens and Katsu had nothing interesting on for our spoilt circle again. All in all a nice enough trip but to find the best high grades it was more difficult than before for some reasons. Still there were many good ones around but most of them lacked the icing of the cake pedantically speaking!
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              Nice report, NYS. Really miss those annual treks to Nederland. Recall El Guapo, just down from Walk to Wok. I liked Betty Boop in the day, closed. Liked the take away place by the Horticultural Park. Stix was fun, as was Popeye and others.

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                Amsterdam last week

                Mighty quiet here for a bunch of permanent smokers hehehe
                WEnt to the DAm last week for a business meeting and headed straight to Katsu to buy some goodies.
                I have to say again that Barcelona has overtaken Amsterdam in readily available quality but nonetheless bought some Bio Critical Kush, Mango Haze and a gram of Skittlez (for 20EUR my god).
                The critical was not really worth mentioning in either taste or effects departments, the skittlez was unfortunately fake I'm guessing as neither smell nor taste of the original were there, and why else would you buy it in the first place. Said it was a US import, which I highly doubt... The cuttings are over here, why go through the hassle to ship the full product across the big pond...

                However, the Mango Haze was once again outstanding and has become my go to weed there. Great fruity taste with some wood and leather and a sublime stress free and no ceiling high. The mediocre other two bags didn't matter after that and lucky I bought a bigger bag.WEll done Katsu.

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                  Again that time of the year, we're seemingly unteachable


                  Cheers. Agree, Betty Boop was one of the better coffeeshops but Popeye was, is and probably always will be a shithole for some reasons if owned by the same ruthless people. However, hope you can make it back to Nederland one day, enjoy.


                  Cheers for your report! Indeed, quite dead here(wouldn't generalise everyone on here is consuming every day nor all day - there are so many types of consumers, e.g. as much as I like that plant my doctrine is 'everything in moderation and excess every now and then ; routines are just boring mostly) but on the other hand this is more of a grower's forum here(though if I recall many trip reports on here or in general when growers rave about the very average weed in the Netherlands I always wonder what they grow at home).

                  Said it a thousand times before and probably also in this thread it's not difficult to grow proper gear but what they sell at coffeeshops is mostly commercial schwag nowadays.
                  Read your post before we went and due to Roxy being a buy and fly place we consumed at Katsu without buying from their menu and so forgot to take a look at the current batch of Mango Haze as I had it a few years ago when it popped up(nice enough back then but not impressive).
                  Lovely atmosphere in there if often crowdy but rarely buy their products as it seems more about quantity than quality for locals and tourists ; relatively big menu which in my experience is often dissapointing at many shops though their Black Widow ages ago was something.

                  By the way have been to Spain in 2016 and it's as you stated ; though back then prices started to rise and now it seems to be similar to greedy Netherlands. Sad as this development was forseeable more or less. Time to legalize finally everywhere to get rid of those disgusting gangs involved in both countries and elsewhere ; though I'm sceptical about better prices then as many customers are so used to pay thouse high prices of today, coffeeshops and others really spoilt it.
                  Though in the end no one is going to prison anymore for consumption, growing and all that then and this is the main point to me.

                  Old hat!

                  We happened to be in town last week:

                  Tweede Kamer: Opted for 'Tangie'(14€/g)from Morocco. Had in general many versions branded that way, especially this year, but this was one of the more quality ones and seemed to be really from Morocco compared to that stuff labelled as such and others from Spain ; nice enough effects and taste but still nothing special at all if given a choice.

                  Roxy: friendly enough moroccan budtender in his fifties showed us blondish 'Diamond'(9€/g) and more blondish 'Tidghine'(10€/g). He recommended the latter one and told us it won what ever corrupted cup. Nice enough classic gear but lacked a bit in taste.

                  Solo: Menu wasn't interesting at all so went for 'Holy Grail Kush'(13€/g)from Morocco as we wanted to sit down anyway. Also not bad at all but don't remember much.

                  El Guapo: Since menu also didn't change compared to a few weeks before we were there I went for 'Bruce Banner'(15€/g)from Morocco(posted a picture here). Another silly name by the way. Sorta fruity taste I can't again explain well and good enough effects. Probably the best moroccan hashish with foreign genetics this trip.

                  Barney's, Katsu, Original Dampkring( a group prior to our turn bought the rest of available moroccan what ever(15€/g) and Khalis(15€/g). Latter one seemed to be a blackish cream from Morocco I would have given a go but so be it. Budtender told us they will get it back in a few hours but we didn't make it back but I think we survived!), Greenhouse( they had two 'Christmas specials' on, one for moroccan hashish for 6€ stating 'Brings you through Christmas' and one for weed(8€/g)and were shown some other reccomendations from the budtender ; all boring), Resin, Rusland, The Plug, Bagheera(seemed to be linked to coffeeshop Baba now menuwise), Kadinsky, Bluebird(should have gone for some 'Og BlahBlah' hashish from Morocco for 12,5€ per g[roughly a bit more]), Green Place(finally had some more quality moroccan hashish back on the menu for 14€/g but line was almost out of the shop so we just skipped it))and Siberie were visited as well.

                  All in all a more or less a bit of a disappointment regarding new flavours and general quality of hashish in town this trip but we managed not to go too late this month to avoid Christmas traffic and it indeed was the case, also weather was lovely as cold but sunny. So apart from the gear a lovely relaxed stay in town.
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                    Field research during pandemic(lockdown)

                    Just a few weeks back from Amsterdam:

                    'Dampkring II':
                    Not much new on here too so got me 'Tangerine G-13' supposedly grown in Morocco. Soft, crumbly
                    and one of those 'grainy' ones you see often regarding this type of quality of foreing genetics in the last years ; darkish and still a pollen.
                    Sweetish yet stereotype 'sour' background
                    but pungent smell me also noticed a lot in recent years with those ones(not unpleasant at all but noticeably) ; lightly pressed if at all.
                    Costs you 14€ a gram and is a nice overall product taste- as well as highwise. Though had a lot of stuff
                    like this too yet(though rarely at home, haha)so not a standout but a lovely standard of quality it would be at least!

                    Boerejongens: New stuff here hashwise? Not at all.
                    Though I noticed their flagship 'Moroc' since years(better: name tag)is now advertised as 'static edition'
                    so ''Tangerine G13 Static Edition' for a bargain of 20€ a gram it is still then.
                    Wanted to take a look but it was out so only blinked at 'Kosher Tangie Static' but all my senses got convinced so bought this for 13€ a gram.
                    Also a darker but barely pressed one coming with an interesting texture(crystallisation almost in full effect, gritty and whitish trichomes all over 'a blackish sea'[piece], lovely contrast).
                    If I remember right turnt into a very fine
                    powder when flufffing up.
                    Static technique indeed perhaps?
                    So another 'Tangerine BlahBlahBlah' which seems to be the new name tag of recent times but this one was a
                    delight, delicate and clear sweet taste of foreign genetics and a strong yet very strong body effect with enough 'headiness'.
                    Reccomended, third place real closely behind the 2nd one when it comes to foreign genetics this trip!

                    The Plug: were shown all their hashes here despite their 'Tidghine'(10€), which is new on the menu and obviously a traditional one.
                    'Zombie Kush' was tempting but ordered their 'Phantom Cookies', both supposedly from Morocco and 15€ a gram each.
                    One mate bought their 'Forbidden Fruit', allegedly too from the Rif for 16€ a gram.
                    Budtender pointed out all hashes shown were 'filtered' what ever that means but I noticed
                    while also had stuff like this before all my personal favs this trip were not as oily as others I had before
                    though still high quality and to some degree generally better than previous high quality ones.
                    That Phantom Cookies(first picture, see here ) surprised me sorta, goldish and dryish appeareance with a delightful, subtle smell.
                    The same tastewise but still lovely and coming with very heavy more stony effects after my liking.
                    Trichomes shining a bit when sunned.
                    Can't decide where to put this in my personal range at all but definitely at least a special prize this trip.
                    While we're on it: best hashish this trip is Forbidden Fruit(fifth picture, see here ) as even though not as strong as
                    the Phantom Cookies it is a tad better overall product with a focus on taste, really pronounced
                    but less primitevly 'in your face' as the one from Dampkring II above and others of that type, really fruity and strong enough still(more up I'd say).

                    Bluebird: Indeed had their 'Old School'(third picture, see here ) from Morocco in mind when visiting this time and it was again back on the menu(destiny? Coincedence? Delusion?). Since there was nothing else interesting on for me I bought it. Now it's 0,9g for 12,5€ but about four years back it was 1,1 for the same money.
                    Anyways, brownish-goldish piece smelt like an very earthy affair and so it was tastewise as well as hints of sweetness leaving a remarkably lovely flavour in one's mouth.
                    A bit harsh maybe but generally a high quality one.
                    Calming down the body with a relatively clear head high. Would be welcome any time at home,
                    second best traditional this time I'd say, cheers!

                    Solo: Remember looking even at a fruity weed strain but declined. For sure got some 'Tropicana Cookies filtered'(second picture, see here ) supposedly grown in Morocco.
                    Very bright in the way of this new style of foreign genetics of recent years ; unpressed. Another very sweet one and this sourness(though for some reasons more balanced) and a pleasant delicate aroma again, quite an up high reminding me of my batch of eggs from this spring(foreign genetics ; Moroc )I currently consume mostly at home.
                    Despite being tasty and generally very good there is a slightly bad point to me as although it's too very strong it is one of those one dimensional highs, just saying.
                    Another high quality product though here, 2nd place when it comes to foreign genetics this trip!

                    Greenhouse, Barney's, Bagheera, Kashmir Coffeeshop, Millenium[see comment below], El Guapo, Siberie, De Kroon, Green Place, Flower Power, Kadinsky and Coffeeshop 96 were visited too but couldn't serve what I was looking for. Bummer I missed out Original Dampkring this time as despite being a very commercial place they offer sometimes rare stuff. I think I survived nonetheless and again there is always next time. For sure I'll keep an eye on that!

                    Additional thoughts(retrospect&prospect coffeeshopwise): since we went during more than halfway through Covid19-lockdown accross Europe it was very interesting to see this city(Note: don't approach me on that pandemic for various reasons, again now it's press on regardless for all of us worldwide ; hope everyone is acting responsibly as we do this for sure no matter what others may think about it, period.).
                    Over the decades I visited a lot(three-digit range)and always considered it to be one of the busiest places when it comes to city centres of capitals I've experiencied first hand in Europe. Now places like Leidseplein and others were more or less dead as was the rest of the city centre ; let alone the anyway very boring and tourity red-light-district.
                    Pigeons were chasing a few people down Damrak due to virtually no people around even a few hundred meters and was pissing myself laughing even them depend on tourists but this isn't exclusive to Amsterdam of course as those filthy bastards do the same worldwide!
                    Expected before to see lots of rip offs at coffeeshops beside the usual ones due to personal experience over the years.
                    Then the situation on site was a bit different: some shops, mainly in the centre, lowered their prices for a few euro and seemed to treat customers better. Not many new flavours on the menus especially hashwise and when talking to staff they mostly blamed it on the pandemic and 'lockdown situation' ; also some standard items/qualities disappeared from the menu.
                    Still pissing myself laughing about their reasoning as I think most of them saying so just use up their stash before they refill their stock and waiting for a change to order then as there are seemingly much less customers around(Note: I'm not saying they have big stocks all the time as it often just doesn't work like this with their illegal supply but this is no subject here.) .
                    Also they opened later and so on. Even some generally well respected places we talked to in the centre reported they lost up to 80% of their customers so even them are depending on tourists a lot if those figures are true anyway(always take stuff from businessmen with a sack of salt as especially trade itsself no matter what goods has a seedy side); while I knew many Dutchies consuming long enough have switched to private sources mainly as we did ages ago too I still was a bit surprised even such places depend so much on tourists
                    Dutchies are historically traders, right(Rotterdam among other stuff, anyone?)? So they know how to sell and handle markets.
                    While others expectedly said they have no problem obtaining supplies and this is also my opinon as stated before the pandemic really kicked off in Europe ; drugs in general are such an essential market very unlikely to suddenly disappear, very big money as well.
                    Especially regarding mid-grades and all that which is a good part of the(ir) business ; high grades on the other hand seem to work a bit differently but has to do with demand and not this pandemic at all, it always was harder to get.
                    At home I still get the usual mid-grades(just this week got offered some relatively interesting Whatever Kush from Morocco) and it is still difficult to get proper high grade so as I said before if one's area has an average turnover not enough time has passed to notice supply problems if this happens anyway at one time.

                    Millenium interlude:
                    While we're on it I have to name and shame a certain shithole here: one mate wanted to visit Kashmir Coffeeshop and as a compromise another mate and myself wanted to go to Millenium situated in the same area. Not that I'm too keen visiting this place as their gear never was special in the past but you never know about changes in a positive way.
                    We all entered before going to Kashmir and approached the guy(manager? Owner? Sorta had this impression.) at the counter. My mate noticed prices for hashish seemed to have risen as their 'Diamond' used to be 10€ a gram in very recent years but now was 2€ more expensive. Politely asked if it's better quality to be then told 'no, it's not it's the same'. Why more expensive then? Answer: 'Because of the crisis'. Supply problems? Answer: 'No, no problems with that it's about the crisis.'(with a big smile on his face). So you exploit that situation? This was confirmed again with a smile while showing us his standard commercial high grade which is still nice enough but not worth the extra money. Needless to say we said our part and just left. Keep in mind that this is a shop outside of the city centre probably more depending on locals. End of millenium interlude.

                    Another example of whom people work in this 'industry' ; I really appreciate his honesty though! Nothing new to me personally due to again extended experience with coffeeshops
                    and there are roughly two groups of people owning coffeeshops: ex-cons or active criminals treating the average customer like a junkie no matter how polite you approach them and straight business men acting as they would not to ; so still a pool of very dubious people.
                    Both types are of course only in it for the money which would be okay of course but they're not at all interested in legalisation as they know they would be flushed down the loo by big legal players(they are a similar problem but quality and customer's rights would be just much better compared to now). Black and white thinking? Something inbetween? Rarely experiencied! Which means adjusting prices depending on current quality of batches, quality check as far as this is possible in this dutch grey area lawise(they theoretically can sell cut gear and get away with it as it is only tolerated), general respect and not playing name games ; they are well aware of their 'exclusive' market position. So again where is the difference to some random dealer on the black market?

                    Due to anti-tobacco-laws coming to full effect this year which I heard of already in 2019(coffeeshops might turn into pick-up-only places due to customers not being allowed to smoke on the premises) and this pandemic I can imagine a good bunch will not return to business as usual with people sitting in the shops, let alone if they don't find a grey area to avoid this law(which would be typically Dutch pragmatism again). Just saying as we spent some of the time of this overnighter at Vondel- and Rembrandtpark due to not being allowed to consume on site. Luckywise a mate of a mate brought us there due to legal errands and we could stay at his circle this time on lucky occassion so that was handy for consumption, too ; just couldn't resist this offer.

                    Not thtat I'm too keen sitting in an average coffeeshop mostly uninspiredly designed for 'buy, order a drink, consume fast and get the hell out of here'. Some quite touristy ones in centres are more focussed on your stay to ripp you off with very overpriced beverages and still can deliver a comfortable and inviting atmosphere though.
                    Saying all that and despite all critizm regarding their outdated grey area approach and often miserable gear(especially buds)it's a bummer this coffeeshop culture of 'consuming together in public' is going down the drain as especially outside of centres of random dutch towns most people only pick-up and leave anyway.
                    Also the few new ones opened or the ones got taken over in the last years nationwide are often take-away-places as well
                    Another sign of times though as it seems this society in general is becoming an indoor thingie in front of what ever screen.
                    Speculation to some degree all here of course but time will tell.
                    Just my two cents.
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                      Keep those coffeeshop reports coming, NotYourSaviour ..much appreciated.

                      Haven't been there in 5 years myself but it's always nice too see what's going on in Amsterdam/Holland.
                      I have a habbit of visiting the coffee shop menus web site and the related forum from time to time but it's nice people can read some reviews on this forum as well

                      Cheers. Keep up the good work, mate.
                      9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB


                        Checking if everything is in order in 'Dam as usual


                        Kudos to you as well, cheers for the kind words! It's a bit of a bummer that despite it seems there is interest in this thread there is not much interaction/other reports since I started it a couple of years ago. Though you can't push this, can't you?
                        While I apart from that generally don't report about all our regular visits to the Netherlands for various reasons I can assure you I will keep this thread going as long as possible and report every now and then.
                        Fingers crossed you'll return one day!

                        What ever, back from town this week:


                        For some reasons I again chose the supposedly 'double filtered and then static filtered' Tangie G13 at horrendous 20€/g. ]. Different batch this time which means grainy which is similar to some new Morocs with foreign genetics, also barely pressed and tends to fall apart[put up a picture here ]. Quite tasty of 'some grass' again but seemingly sophisticated indeed.
                        Nonetheless a strong hit especially on the body but too brainwise, particularly in a bong - also smooth. Best foreign genetics this trip.

                        Original Dampkring:

                        Were shown Asli(13/14€/g) more on the brighter side, then oily, dark and sticky Khalis(15€/g)and Sensabille(15€/g)which was more of a stable one, all moroccan.
                        Opted for the Sensabille. Coats one's mouth heavily when it comes to pine and some hard to describe fresh component without being too overpowering my palate like some new Morocs with foreign genetics did in the past sometimes.
                        More of a Gardella type here I'd say. 'Ticks all the boxes hashish' to me here and easily the best traditional this trip, unfortunately it is coming with a more medium strong up-high but I guess I would prefer that piece of goodness to the one from Boerejongens if I could get my dirty hands on this at home or so. Bummer we didn't make it back here!

                        The Plug:

                        Between Phantom Cookies, Jelly and Zombie Kush the latter it was then and it was an good overall product, bit bored already of these new types but again wouldn't refuse having this quality constantly at home. Also supposedly 'double filtered' and from Morocco.

                        Taste and high were there, simple as that!

                        Resin, Black Star, Club Media, D&L, Greenhouse[They now sell ok enough looking Amnesia[grass] for 8€/g there now which generally speaking pricewise is not so new these days but for those rip-off-merchants it is to some degree, also these crooks now sell about two or three types of grass for under 10€], El Guapo, Tweede Kamer, Kadinsky, The Store, Bulldog[just a funny glance at the menu but honest mature dealer], Siberie, Barney's , Ibiza, Kashmir, Roxy, Stones and 1eHulp were visited as well but couldn't deliver at all.

                        Also was introduced to a private source I didn't meet before and we smoked different gear on offer, mostly Morocs with foreign genetics.
                        Spent some time there so not many places I intended to visit were indeed visited but this wasn't a letdown as we had an interesting conversation with this person[and of course others along the way]about current market situation regarding imported hashish, mainly Morocs.
                        Especially as I noticed at least about two months ago a beginning of shortage concerning certain grades, all people I talked to blamed Covid19 which makes sense to some degree so not much arrives at the minute and if is horrendously expensive as that certain batch is all over the Netherlands.
                        Usually it went for approximately 8-10€/g but now I see it for sick 14-18€/g. Oh my!

                        Many shops told us they're supposedly don't sell it for the usual profit margin as they don't want to lose too many regular customers looking for it – a likely story,
                        oh those good samaritans!

                        Current tourist traffic: compared to my not reported trip before it again slowly comes back to normal trafficwise ; though mainly Europeans.

                        Coffeeshops especially in the centre tend to be rammed and as a customer one has to leave one's address which is inacceptable to me at a semi-legal operation so we just looked for private space or bars(where one has to do the same but I hope you understand our concerns.).
                        I'd say about half of the coffeeshops let you sit down and the others are still just take-away.

                        Pricewise it's still not back to normal rip-off-prices but also seemingly it slowly gets there.
                        Hard to say at the minute if they stick to no tobacco rules which are now in full effect or not but have seen some extra signs saying so.

                        We'll see!

                        All in all a lovely trip again even though we had fitful weather but you can't have it all again!

                        There is always next time!
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                          Hi brother. Great reports and good insights into the coffeshop seen in Amsterdam. Next time im there I will give my 2 cents!
                          Im mainly interested in the hash seen as the herb in damm is less desirable year on year. And like you said fake US genetics sold for silly money. Hash is No1 in damm for me. I personally like the Creams and the lebanese.




                              Last time I went to Amsterdam was about 5 or 6 years a go en route to Mexico. I decided to stop off there as a stop over flight was cheaper so was there for several hours to have a wander round and sample some bud. Walking around I was followed first by two fucking street urchins, clearly looking to mug me so I gave them the slip. Fucking ballsy little shits. I'm not a small fella so they must had something to hold me up with. Then having given them the slip, some big Chinese guy was following me and stopping every time I stopped to look in shop windows or whatever. Eventually he got closer so I turned round and confronted him and he darted in to a crowd of people once he caught wind I was on to him.

                              That experience and the fact that locals don't want drug tourism there really has put me off going. It's not like it was, kind of magical, rustic and vibey like it was in the late 80s, early 90s and the cost is also too high. It's a shame because I've been going to Holland since I was 10, now in my forties, as my dad used to work over there. It's lost all it's charm and went the way of all over used tourist spots. It's like the Cancun of Mexico now or some shit.

                              I don't know what Spain is like but I'd be more tempted to go there even though I had some good times in Dam.
                              I miss the Old Church coffee shop. Had Silver Haze in there in the early 90s. Shit made me slip down my chair. Abraxas was good also.


                                1ehulp, the plug, and the grey area are only ones worth it and maybe one or 2 others that aren't well known.
                                Amsterdam is ruined in my opinion its just full of party goers looking to experience their first high or first trip there, or they are just with a big group of loud teenagers/ young students. Lots of a certain kind if you get me, and not the kind you want to chill and smoke with. Sure the 3-4 days i was there (Christmas 2019) i was asked could they use my grinder about 4 different groups ask me... They can afford moonrocks but not a 5er grinder..(annoying) last time I felt good about the dam was 2011.

                                Places are way to loud and overcrowded and nobody really cares about quality or raised prices, budtenders are not the same as before they have no time for you or to show you or tell you about the product.

                                You ask to see (strain B) then you say yeah okay i guess i just have to chance it because this guy doesn't have a clue and he doesn't care. some of them didn't even smoke cannabis. (not a joke)

                                You'll be lucky to find a seat in any coffee shop any time before 10-11am.
                                Prices have nearly doubled for most stuff.
                                Notable strains
                                I-95 plug
                                Cherrypie hash plug
                                Violator Kush 1ehulp
                                Grey areas Haze
                                hash from 1ehulp was good
                                and 1 or 2 small little shops had real amnesia and imported hashish that was really nice and the place felt oldskool still.. i cant remember the place but i know the guy from it i seen him before and in documentary's its something like old head jim or something. always has hashish on him.

                                nyway i love amsterdam but i dont think i could ever see it being the same as 2000s primo
                                I'll never forget that famous Red grapefruit cut of NYCD or ever stop looking for it, 1 of the worlds best. -CONNOISSEUR GENETICS