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IC420Cup2019-Lets Get The Ball Rolling thread

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    IC420Cup2019-Lets Get The Ball Rolling thread

    want to let all the IC community know, the IC 420 Cup will be taking place in Barcelona again this year. from the 17th of April for early birds till the evening of the 20th of April 2019. official start of the cup is the 18th, but we hope to have judge packs ready on the 17th already to give people as much time as possible to do the judging.

    as always, the cup will follow the rules about blind judging and open voting. the details will be posted up as they are finalized.

    this is basically a heads up to get your entries sorted

    Last years cup was great, we had more entries then ever over all, so lets hope for another great one this time round.

    this years IC 420 Cup, will be in Spain, Barcelona

    we are now accepting entry registrations

    you can enter the cup in the following categories:

    Cannabis Social Clubs: Club Flowers

    Grower: mostly INDICA

    Grower: mostly SATIVA

    Breeder: mostly INDICA

    Breeder: mostly SATIVA

    Grower means a grower who doesn't sell seeds and isn't a cannabis club

    Breeder means seed companies, aspiring and professional

    to enter the cannabis categories you need 35g of flowers, prepacked into 1g bags if possible. (this lets you make each sample look nice)

    Hash: 7.5g entry amount, prepacked into 25x0.3g bags

    OIL/BHO: 5g entry amount, prepacked into 25x0.2g bags

    Rosin: 5g entry amount, prepacked into 25x0.2g bags

    entries must be on site by the 15th of April latest, we look forward to having you on board for another wild year .

    Cannabis Clubs have a 100€ participation fee. other categories are free to enter. No limit to the number of entries.

    for details about the Rules and exact entering conditions:

    look forward to a great competition and may the best grower, hash maker and extraction specialist win

    some threads about previous years events can be found here:

    any questions, just pm me, or email me at

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    "it is clear that the individual who persecutes a man, his brother, because he is not of his a monster" Voltaire

    not every post you disagree with, has to be responded to!

    Count me in champ

    Entries ready
    KnightsBridge OG 3rd Prize Indica Hightimes Cannabis cup 2013🏆
    Exodus Fuel Wax 1st Prize Concentrates Barcelona Breeders Cup 2014🏆
    London City Diesel Wax 3rd Prize Concentrates Barcelona Breeders Cup 2014🏆
    Orange Diesel V3 Highest percentage THC 23.9% grown by 1eHulp Coffeeshop Amsterdam Unity Cup 2015(recognition)

    Orange Diesel V3 Cake Batter 1st Prize Overall Concentrates Winner Grace Cup Weekender Cup 2015 t🏆
    Orange Diesel V3 Cake Batter 2nd Prize Spannabis Champions Cup 2016

    London City Diesel 2nd Prize Sativa International Cannagraphic IC420 2016🏆(Grown By MrGreedy)Team LSG

    Orange Diesel V3 1st Prize Extract Elite Cup 4:20 2016🏆
    Orange Diesel V3 1st prize Sativa hybrid Elite Cup 420 2016🏆
    Super Orange Glue 2nd Prize Extract Elite Cup 4:20 2016🏆
    KnightsBridge OG 2nd Prize Indica Elite Cup 4:20 2016🏆
    DopeFiends Cup 2016 1st Prize Extract(Extracted by Smokey)🏆
    Elite Cup 7/10 Barcelona 2016 1st Prize Hybrid Orange Diesel v3 & 2nd Prize Hybrid People's Choice(The Plug BCN)🏆
    Super Orange Glue 1st Prize non solvent Spannabis 2017 🏆
    KnightsBridge OG 1st Prize Solvent & highest thc 81% Spannabis 2017🏆
    KnightsBridge OG 1st Prize Indica breeders IC420 2017🏆
    Orange Diesel Version 3 aka Odv3 3rd Prize sativa Hightimes cannabis cup 2017🏆
    Orange Diesel V4 extracted by Smokey 3rd Prize Spannabis 2018🏆

    Lady Sativa Genetics UK


      not sure if i can make it but the icmag cup has been on my bucket list for some time now, perhaps this spring i can make it happen


        woohoo! i love cup time.
        Double OG.


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          I got every type of weed that you might desire

          When you was inside watching Netflix
          I was in the crop house wiring electrics

          Sometimes people get more high on stories than plants


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          I'm free from your spell
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          All I can do is wish you well
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          • Nutrients may be mobile or immobile in the plant and in the soil, which influences redistribution of nutrients and display of deficiency symptoms, and the fertilization of crops.


            Look forward to it


              Let´s have a great time my friends!
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                I'm in too
                "To maintain or breed a Landrace you need a minimum of 2,000 plants 1,000 females, 1,000 males or every reproduction you will lose genes and be working with a slice of the variety not the landrace.Cannabis is a Heterogenous Dioecious Obligate Outcrosser.It is easy to make seeds, hard to breed correctly". -SamS.
                IC 420 Cup 2017 Growers Cup-Mostly Sativa

                1st place- "Ting" by Londinium

                3rd place- "Chilton Lime's" by Londinium


                  Originally posted by Londinium View Post
                  I'm in too
                  nice one

                  hoping for a really good year.

                  "it is clear that the individual who persecutes a man, his brother, because he is not of his a monster" Voltaire

                  not every post you disagree with, has to be responded to!


                    Good luck everybody. Hope you all have a good time..
                    "The universe is comprised of 2 things Hydrogen and Ignorance"


                      Count me in this year.
                      Let's have amazing cup.


                        brother Ras, hehe i just messaged you.
                        Double OG.


                          Oh yeah Been a while, I think I should be able to make it !!!!
                          Nepal smoking TOUR
                          Across the Atlantic and beyond : Hashish and Ganja Tales
                          Carribean Sativa Tour !!
                          Australian Strains Report, for Sativa lovers... !!
                          My BUDs Thread


                            See you all there
                            TRICHOME JUNGLE SEEDS
                            DROP SEEDS NOT BOMBS


                              Yes mates, this time i come too
                              See you all there