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    Curiosity of Weed

    Hi, i went in Amsterdam and bought 1g for each type of weed at Coffeshop Bulldog, Super Silver Haze, Amnesia Haze and White widow, but what i saw that the Amnesia Haze was a bit less than the others, im sure it missed a joint (0.2) its possible that they robbed me a joint (maybe i turned around when they gave me) or gived me less ? Or its just the strain that look less compared to other strains?
    I can send you picture, but look better, one joint of Amnesia Haze is on the grinder.
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    Hi, did you weigh it, or just looks smaller by eye?
    Amnesia can be quiet dense bud. I wouldn't worry about it,
    Next time, check bags at counter before you walk away.

    Hopefully it just looked small however seems you can't trust anyone
    Anymore. Always heard bad reports about a certain bud tender at
    Green Place. He was always shorting people, 0.1 or 0.2,
    Which is a tiny amount but mounts up in a busy shop.

    more importantly, did you enjoy the weed?
    Which was best?
    Double OG.


      normally the a scale display is easy to see as he s weighing it and as mack said you can always ask them to weigh it again in front of you. in reality they should be quite honest, but in practice people are always looking for new ways to rip you off and the clever ones do it by 0.1g at a time which is a huge baggie at the end of the day. green place must have 300 or more customers a day, just imagine, 30 g of pure extra profit. some shops have more customers then that and they buy multiple packs. best keep your eyes open when buying.

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        Lol! Well, just passing by