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    Indoor barneys grow

    I put an 8ball kush , triple cheese , and vanilla kush. I personally didnt love the vanilla kush. Good pot but the sweet taste/smell isnt my cup of tea. 8ball and triple cheese on the other hand were awesome. Kept both in my genetics tent for quite awhile so I could run em again but unfortunately I wasnt able to keep anything during the last move. I will for sure order the 8ball and triple cheese again. Didnt have good luck with my pineapple chunk pack I got. 0/3 they ended up sendimg me more and still the ones that popped were scraggly and sickly. Id stay away from those but thats just my personal opinion. Good to see barneys is added to the list at icmag. If you wanna send me seeds id take em. Lol
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      Crap beans.......anyone who says otherwise, has no clue.


        I have a bunch of Red Dragon freebies from the vault, anybody try this one im considering trying it outdoors?


          Boogie, I haven't tried the seeds, but I've gotten some "red dragon" flower from a dispensary in Mendo, that was an absolute bell-ringer, like pure caffeine, ended up building a driftwood teepee on the beach like a maniac.

          I'd love to find that cut, great for house cleaning.


            Originally posted by superx View Post
            Anybody run there peyote critical?

            Have two seedlings on the go simply to make up the numbers in my grow space, any added info from growers who have run them would be greatly appreciated .....

            Just an update on the above post regarding the peyote critical. I ended up cracking two of these seeds. Kept one which turned into an absolute beautiful plant. It is a pleasure to be around her every day. Has really strong notes of vanilla coming off her and has a slight purple hue from her cross. Look forward to this one immensely. Deeply regret not cloning this one..... Happy out everybody.

            Stay safe.


              Barney's genetics are really the best. I've never had a seed that didn't germinate from Barney's. Of course the don't sell my favorite strain Sour Diesel. Humboldt Seeds is my favorite seed seller.

              But participating on this competition forum rocks! Thanks Barneys!