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    big ups bugman!
    "when i run outta weed, i smoke match sticks...
    that first hit is FIRE!!!"

    "I'm not always a dick...but when I am, I drink cheap beer".


      congratulation bug!


        Congrats! :-)

        Will the rules change the next go around or will you stick with these, Avinash?


          Originally posted by Ky_Uss View Post
          Congrats! :-)

          Will the rules change the next go around or will you stick with these, Avinash?
          expect some changes in the rules....


            OK, thanks! I guess i´ll wait for the new set of rules then for my container hunting.


              Update on the G13 White Widow. Chopped today at 9 weeks on the dot, 63 days with 3 days flush. I'll update later with dry weight and more photos including a detailed smoked report. This was my second bean I popped of G13's WW. Two different phenos clearly. This one has more brown hairs and less white. The first one I popped 2 years ago was nearly 100% pure white which finished and was completely overwhelmingly covered in dripping trics. Gorgeous blasting hammering feeling like you took some heavy tranquilizers. Hoping this WW stands up to the other one from the past. If not I'll pop another one to see what pheno I get this time hehe.

              Before chop, before removing leafs.

              After removing most of the leafs for a better photo.

              Main Cola, wish I could run more than a 400 watt HPS lol.

              Full main cola brunch once chopped.

              All of the White Widow in one pile.

              Ace's Killer A5 - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums"


                I think i'll just go ahead & forfeit the next challenge
                Calco Genetics - Dosidos x Blueberry Syrup journal

                Nirvana Seeds Fan Club


                  thats a monster Dr King nice work.


                    That's an awful big yogurt cup!



                      You must spread rep around before giving it to Bugman52 again...

                      Congratulations on the win!


                        Thanks for the comments. This pheno of the G13's White Widow was definitely different than the last one I ran. First one was super frosty and a super hammering stone. This one is similar to that but far weaker. I can see why people say G13's WW is spotty now. I have one more bean I will pop too see what I get for fun. 5/10 for top notch potency imo. I plan to chop the G13 Double Black in 3 days. Updates to follow on her later.

                        The finished product was a total of 46 grams by far the most I've gotten from a cup. Was in a slightly bigger cup however 350 ml's instead of 250 ml's.

                        Next cup run will be a Chemdog clone scrogged into my 5' x 5' scrog of Chemdog. It will be really hard to tell what is the cup and what isn't the cup but I will do my best to show the cup. If nothing else I will out line it with bright red string. Once the cup is finished I will cut that part of the scrog out and show full pictures of it. Plus I will have a camera that's like 5 times better then my current one.

                        Ace's Killer A5 - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums"


                          Completely forgot to post the BK x HP results, my bad.

                          Really enjoying the BK x HP. Much respect for releasing this one Ace, thanks. Glad I grabbed 12 of these beans before they where gone. Instant keeper in my book and I only currently have one keeper.

                          The best thing about BK x HP is that is really does only take 60 days to flower. Finally a on point Indica with exactly what the breeder clams. Tastes of lovely hash, like yummy kief.
                          "Pleasant effect that combines a clear mind with relaxing body sensations. Good medicinal properties against pain, anxiety and insomnia."

                          Couldn't be more accurate. Next run she will be in 3 gallons of coco and receive more light/space. She yielded 29 grams total. Smoke report to follow.

                          Smoke Report:

                          # Trichome ripeness stage (%):
                          Clear [50]
                          Cloudy [50]
                          Amber [0]

                          # Bud colours:
                          (Mark with X the colors that are present in the buds or for a more detailed color analysis rate presence on a scale 1-9 light-dark.)
                          Brown [6]
                          Green [3]
                          Orange [3]

                          # Bud density:(Rate the bud density from 1-10 airy-dense.)
                          [10, densest cannabis I've ever seen. These buds are really tight hash basically. Even after leaving it out to air dry in 40% humidity for 2 days it still didn't turn to powder. Every other strain I've done this too turns into powder cus of the auto grinder. The BK x HP was still sticky and glue like. I had to leave it out for a full week, 7 days straight for it to turn into powder.]

                          # Bud smell:
                          (Use numbers 1-9 on descriptors that apply to the aroma of freshly broken bud where a one indicates a subtle presence and 9 indicates a pronounced presence.)

                          All I smell is Hash [9]

                          # Aroma: [10, In my opinion.]
                          (Rate the aroma from 1-10 repulsive-delightful. Use freshly crumbled bud for best results.)

                          # Seed content: [0]
                          (Rate seed content from 0-10 none-fully seeded.)

                          # Weeks cured: [3]
                          (If known enter the number of weeks your sample has been cured.)

                          # Physical examination comments: Nice super dense buds with a ton of trichs all over. Would be great in a scrog, which I plan to do next run. It will be one of the 8 I run.

                          # Smell: Overwhelming smell of lovely hash.

                          THE SMOKE TEST
                          (Address these questions while smoking.)

                          # What did you used to consume the sample?
                          (Please use a clean instrument for the evaluation. Enter information below that will identify the instrument as follows
                          Bong 3-4 bowls = 10 hits in the morning. Vap in my Volcano, 2 changes for fresh cannabis = 4 XL bags.

                          # Taste while smoking:
                          (Use numbers 1-9 on descriptors that apply to the taste where a one indicates a subtle presence and a nine indicates a very pronounced presence.)

                          Earthy [2]
                          Hash/Kief [9]

                          # Taste: [10]
                          (Rate your impression of the taste from 1-10 unpleasant-delicious.)

                          # State of dryness: [10 I guess so I could turn it into powder. Better potency hits imo. Burns fast though.]
                          (Rate the dryness of the bud from 1-10 wet-dry where 5 is ideal.)

                          # Smoke ability: [7, doesn't need to long to cure to taste good.]
                          (Rate the smoke ability of the sample from 1-10 harsh-smooth.)

                          # Smoke expansion: [2, Hardly makes me cough at all which is a huge plus. I have breathing problems so this strain was smooth for sure. A+ on that without doubt.]
                          (Rate how the smoke expands in the lungs from 1-10 stable-explodes.)

                          # Smoke test comments:
                          -Taste: My pheno was straight hash taste. Love every bit of the taste/smell and high.
                          -Effect: Exactly how Ace describes it.
                          "Pleasant effect that combines a clear mind with relaxing body sensations. Good medicinal properties against pain, anxiety and insomnia."

                          FOLLOW UP QUESTIONS
                          (Address final questions immediately after effects have worn off.)

                          # Dosage: [1g each maybe more. I love chain smoking. I can smoke this strain all day without going to sleep. I take anxiety meds which make me sleepy so that's another big plus to this strain. Other strains I normally would take a nap ]
                          (Enter the number of hits taken to reach desired effects.)

                          # Effect onset: [2]
                          (Rate how quickly the effect hit from 1-10 immediate-major creeper.)

                          # Sativa influence: [6]
                          (Rate the sativa influence detected from 0-10 none-extreme. Sativa influence is best described as a clear and energetic mental effect.)

                          # Indica influence: [5, good for pain but doesn't make you numb like other Indicas. If I was judging just pain and not sleepiness I would say 7. ]
                          (Rate the indica influence detected from 0-10 none-extreme. Indica influence is best described as a sedative, lethargic or numbing effect that affects the body.)

                          # Potency [7]
                          (Rate the potency of the sample from 0-10 none-devastating.)

                          # Duration [2hs.]
                          (Indicate the number of hours the effects lasted.)

                          # Tolerance build up [3, hard to judge. Didn't have to much.]
                          (Rate how quickly tolerance builds from 0-10 none-rapid. Leave this field blank if you have not used this sample repeatedly.)

                          # Usability:
                          (Rate on a scale of 1-9 where a one indicates the worst time of day to consume this strain and a nine represents the ideal time of day. Leave field(s) blank if you have not yet formed an opinion.)

                          Morning - wake up [7]
                          Day - work [6]
                          Evening - relax [7]
                          Night - sleep [7]

                          # Overall satisfaction: [7, again hard to judge.]
                          (Rate your overall satisfaction from 1-10 poor-Holy Grail.)

                          # Judging from the sample alone do you personally consider this
                          strain a keeper for long term use? [Yes]

                          Final comments: Beautiful Indica Hash plant that will deliver rock hard dense buds. Excellent aroma & taste, with a nice overall high that one can smoke all day long. Easy to grow indoors as well.

                          ----- END OF SMOKE REPORT -----
                          Ace's Killer A5 - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums"


                            nice, king
                            with the offiicial smoke report,

                            bigups on the yogurt cup harvest!


                              Originally posted by Avinash.miles View Post

                              bigups on the yogurt cup harvest!


                                Dr.King did you foilar feed those ladies with cocaïne or something ? If so thats some expensive bud right there and not fair but hey whateva.

                                I wish i could join but i only have a Ben & Jerry Chunkey Monkey cup and its 500 ml.

                                What if we spam ben and jerry's site and ask them to sponsor this event with lots of free Ice Cream.That would be f'n awesome.Although im sure they wouldent wanna damage their reputation by affiliating there brand with marihuana and risk losing shelf space and a large part of there customer base but it wouldent hurt to try.