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    gorilla glue 4 --yogi 1
    transplanted August 8 directly outdoors


      gorilla glue 4 --yogi 2
      transplanted august 26 from florescents

      gg4 yogi cups reunited outdoors august 26


        Hey all, this thread is awesome! my first transplant from clone puck into soil, is in a yogurt cup... My cups are like 5 years old now, been reusing the same ones since they stopped making the cup shape I like. Though I have been eyeing up some of the square shaped cups they have been releasing the last couple years. I think they might use up space a lil more efficiently.


          RBW or GSC1
          GSC1 or RBW
          i fliped a few days ago.


            Looking good everyone. Can't wait to see more. I am facing the same challenge as last time lack of time. I started mine to late so the plan is like last time. Veg them for a bit longer then place them into my Sativa tent right into 11/13 for 2 weeks then right to 10/14 to finish them hopefully within time. This round it will be even closer so If I am not finished by the deadline I will pull one early just to enter it if need be for fun cus that's what it's about for me. Then I'll finish the others off properly cus I needs to taste the buds.

            Clones definitely grow much faster. I am thinking the rockwool cube in the middle is going to make watering later in flowering harder. She isn't even that big yet and I notice water sitting up on top longer then just the pure coco cups.

            All 4 are going nicely right now. Finally big enough so I can top em for cloning. GTH #1 is the biggest since it was a clone. I plan to do a little scrogging for her. BogBubble is doing good, still unsexed. Had a weak lower stem so I had to support it until it thickens more. Double Black is looking more like a Sativa day by day which is really odd since it's 100% Indica (Black Domina 98 x Black Domina 98). We shall see how it turns out. The Bubba Kush x Hash Plant has heavy big leaves which leads me to believe it is more on the Deep Chunk pheno side. It's the pheno I was looking for so here's to hoping. Good luck to everyone.

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              15 days of 12/12

              she isn't stretching like this strain normally does but she's sure filling out.

              i've been foliar feeding something every night (her day) and she seems to like it so far. the rotation started with home made cal-phos, then nettle FPE , then Optic Foliar's 3 part.all of it happens with the lights on. i know that none of that is exactly normal/sane but since we're growing in a yogurt cup i figure sanity went out the door a while ago and sanity is overrated anyway IMHO

              if you're interested in bottled foliars you should take a look at Optic Foliar's gear ....... from what i am seeing the stuff works really really well.


                hey maggers!
                time for updates ()!

                the MH really helped with the tight internodes.

                the cal-mag and increased nutrients helped a lot also.

                yellowing has subsided, but lateral branching suffers.

                still bonsai type growth even with stronger light and more nutes...

                they are about to be lst'd for flowering (soon!!! ??weeks left?).

                hope there is enough time still for them to finish...

                damn Eighths-n-Aces, she's a monster! do you feed continuous?
                props bro...

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                  nice updates everyone! this gets better every round

                  Originally posted by trichrider View Post
                  do you feed continuous?

                  i'm running the short cycle timers and the drip system again, but this round i am running just one rez and two different timers control one pump. she's getting full strength nutes every watering and it's dialed so there is not much run off during the day cycles but there is a lot at night ..... so far so good. as of last night the day cycles were about 114 minutes apart and the nights are at just under 4 hours.

                  and so project salma grinds on .......


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                    "when i run outta weed, i smoke match sticks...
                    that first hit is FIRE!!!"

                    "I'm not always a dick...but when I am, I drink cheap beer".


                      Up date nebula and white beary
                      Some people's children


                        Up date
                        Some people's children


                          So here's a real late update with everything thus far, plus an old picture I had taken when the crocketts was hanging from the light.

                          The vortex & crocketts are female, & hoping to see some nice buds! any feedback appreciated. sorry its been a while, been getting settled into a new job

                          First up Crocketts

                          heres it hanging

                          heres the vortex

                          & a shot of the two girls bodies

                          Going to go a little heavier on feeding, 12/12 from seed


                            i love Slurm's 'suspension bud'

                            anyone else doing this round outdoors?

                            sorry , i have to admit to being lazy/busy and not reading backwards.

                            i avoided any rockwool cubes this time because i just cannot get the hang of watering them. they are either soaking wet or too dry. i was feeling like a plant killer last time around and public embarrassment is not my thing. hopefully this round will be more successful.

                            GG4 yogis with mom and sisters on balcony


                              Updates on the red bull cans - supercropped the bag seed plant. Here they are on August 22:

                              Moved both of them into the flower room on August 28th. Photos from yesterday:


                                Hi guys ! Small up, the girls are doing well, i moved to another box (next to each other "official) because under the ur was too high ..... where are now the values are optimal !
                                I have pruned the ak Estathè and i removed the leaves ugliest.......
                                Some "drops" of ferts alternating with water alone.

                                [Summary :

                                52rd day from germination, 26th of flowering

                                Strain : 2 seeds of ak Sugar GoM (grass o matic - Brasilian Sativa x Auto AK)
                                Sub : bio bizz light mix
                                Fert : biogrow - biobloom + green sensation
                                Pots : 1 glass of Estathè 200 ml - 1 container for mozzarella 250 ml]

                                We feel next time for the new updates, good day to all !

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                                The outlaws cave, ciclo continuo : "on air" - Lucid Bolt - Nebula II CBD - Acid

                                Yogurt cup

                                1° ciclo AF (Ak Sugar GoM - Purple Bud - Buddha Magnum) concluso ! [aprile/agosto 2015]

                                Consigli per i novizi :

                                - Girate le foto prima di caricarle

                                - NON APRITE 1000 thread A CASO
                                (soprattutto se ne avete già uno vostro personale, il quale potete usare per tutto !)


                                - Usate la funzione "cerca" ed un po' di buon senso

                                e consultate il

                                Vademecum per i nuovi iscritti