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2015 Yogurt Cup Grow Contest

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    2015 Yogurt Cup Grow Contest

    Yogurt Cup Grow Contest
    Round 6; Early 2015

    Once again, the rules for this round will be *nearly* identical to last round (keeping in the tradition); the major change being that plants from seed AND clones of ANY are be allowed; most importantly & as usual roots must remain inside the container at ALL times.

    This contest is open to ALL icmag members; there are NO restrictions at all on environment / equipment / method, only the container size. (Once again; primary rule is roots must remain entirely inside yogurt cup at all times). The true purpose of the contest in my eyes is to drive participation & cooperation on the site and bring members together.

    Read Closely

    1) All contestants must use an individual serving food container, generally yogurt (labeled as 6 oz here in the states, or 150 to 180 grams for Europe and most everywhere else) of any shape or brand (these will generally have a maximum volume of 250 mL).
    250 milliliters maximum volume is the official size limit. No substitutions/transplants (plants must remain in original container throughout the contest). Keep the original label on there, and show it in a photo if you plan on covering it later.

    2) All contestants will use a clone, seed, or seedling of any Cannabis variety, male or female. Please specify strain/hybrid/breeder lineage in as much detail as possible (or even if it's a bag seed; tell what kind of herb was it in the bag the seed came from).

    3) Contestants can enter up to 5 "yogurt cup plants" (one plant per cup), and will choose the best one to be judged.

    4) Seedlings may be germinated or not at the time of entry; Clones maybe rooted or not at time of entry as well.

    5) All roots must remain inside the yogurt cup for the duration of the challenge and may require trimming. Any type of feeding is allowed, but if roots grow out the bottom of the container they must be trimmed immediately and not be outside the container (once again, 250 mL maximum capacity.

    6) Harvest must be no more than 20 weeks from today, that's May 28, 2015. You can enter and finish ANY time between now and May 28th, but MUST be harvested with finished product pictures and smoke report by May 28th.

    7) Missing 3 or more weeks without any update disqualifies a contestant, so keep up steady updates for maximum participation and to be considered in the winners poll.

    8) Winner will be decided by a poll posted after the competition is completed. Prize will be a pack of seeds from Seedbay/Seedboutique. Winner will contact OldPink to coordinate receiving their prize. Thanks to Payaso, OldPink & Explosiv for making this happen!

    9) It is expected of all contestants to keep a good attitude in the spirit of community and sharing of knowledge and experiences. Let's all have FUN.

    *** Hope that all is clear ***
    Now let's just say you have a yogurt / pudding / jello container you want to use and can't tell if it is acceptable or not... here is now to tell;
    250 mL = 1 cup
    Fill your container with water to the VERY top, then measure this liquid in either a graduated cylinder that measures in mL or a standard cup. If ALL the water from your grow container fits in the measuring cup or within 250 mL on the graduated cylinder - then your container is acceptable.
    Also, you can use a scale to measure the mass of water in your container (1 mL of water = 1g mass). To do this simply weigh your container, tare it to zero, then fill with water and weigh again. as long as your container holds a mass of no more than 250g of water then it is acceptable.

    - Show final harvest weights, both wet and dry

    - Show plants against a ruler for reference at different stages of growth

    - Take and post photos every week to show progress of all plants in yogurt cup. Weekly update pics are pretty important let's all try to keep up, although if you miss one week, don't quit, just keep the updates as steady as possible.

    - Finally, in order to win, contestants must understand that voting will take into consideration all aspects of each grow AND the documentation of the grow as well, including but not limited to:

    Quality of the information given
    Frequency and presentation of updates
    Quality of photographs and / or videos
    Explanation & details
    Design of the grow (concept)
    Smoke report
    Answers to questions about the grow
    Quality of the harvest

    Last but not Least; a list of micro container growing history on ICmag (some great info and grows in these threads):

    Previous Rounds of Yogurt Cup Challenge:
    ^^ Voting thread for last round
    ^^ Previous Round (5)
    ^^ Round 4
    ^^^^ Round 3
    ^^^ Round 2
    ^^^ Round 2 call for entries
    ^^ Round 1
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    Beer cup challenges:
    ^^ 2011
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    1 sqft challenge:

    Tips & Techniques:
    Dropped Cat
    Dr. King

    The poll is expired.

    okeydokey then i'm in.

    first of the year I dropped a clone into cup for this. will post up pic when I retrieve camera.

    let's get it on!

    "when i run outta weed, i smoke match sticks...
    that first hit is FIRE!!!"

    "I'm not always a dick...but when I am, I drink cheap beer".


      time to break out the bean collection and decide WTF to plant

      here we go again!


        Originally posted by Eighths-n-Aces View Post
        time to break out the bean collection and decide WTF to plant

        here we go again!


        "when i run outta weed, i smoke match sticks...
        that first hit is FIRE!!!"

        "I'm not always a dick...but when I am, I drink cheap beer".


          Originally posted by trichrider View Post
          can't see the pic



            still eating yogurt....


              I need to go to buy 3 more containers today, I'll be in soon! Good luck!
              "We ought never do wrong when people are looking." - Mark Twain


                I'm in.... Sour 60 auto beans..... Just plucked them off the gals today

                24/0 435w Lush LED :P


                  im in of course

                  going to the supermarket to catch some nice containers now,
                  lets see what they got there later.

                  'after 12 weeks most of them run down a church basement an say hello kitty while the priest drinks blood'


                    Im in this round. Just need to go and get some yogi cups. Plan to go food shopping this weekend anyways or tomorrow so I'll make sure to grab some yogis.
                    FREE J.W Fuck snitches and Snitching!


                      Mini Ace Tikal

                      I will be able to start these next week some time, so I'm pretty excited.
                      Heres some info about Tikal from the Ace web site.

                      Tikal is a sativa hybrid with new Central American genetics originating from the jungles of Guatemala. It is a high yielding and vigorous sativa that is easy to cultivate.
                      When cultivated outdoors it ends up with well-developed branches, full of sweet flowers of a strawberry aroma.
                      • 75 % sativa / 25 % indica. Guatemala sativa X Kush Haze, semi stabilized F4 hybrid.
                      • Well-proportioned branchy sativa.
                      • Sweet as strawberry chewing gum in flower, with woody, hazy and sour notes when smoked.
                      • Warm sativa experience of mind and body, without agitation or anxiety.
                      • 10 week flower time.
                      listen to your body
                      talk to plants
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                        hehe its time for me too to be here and show plants in little pots...
                        I take cuts for it.
                        Deep Chunk :
                        KarmaOG Grow , PolarBear LTD and Biker Kush v2.0:
                        KarmaG Burmese x A5Haze Grow:
                        KarmaG SweetJackHaze x A5Haze Grow:
                        Thinking theres something special in the Air look here: Gypsy Nirvana-Luang Prabang Laos Sativa been growen right now by my friend Kingsgard:
                        TRH TestGrow:

                        Crazy and meaningsful
                        Why ? I have seen the most Bad Shit what can be and still a live, think thereĀ“s something wrong or time to bring some shit Back again.

                        "forget not you dont know me, Vikingblood is in me, i am a BEAST"


                          Originally posted by Avinash.miles View Post
                          View Image
                          still eating yogurt....
                          how did you make the holes in the cup on the left Avi?


                            a sewing needle for upholstery


                              That looks like it took forever.
                              listen to your body
                              talk to plants
                              ignore people