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    Freaky Freezeland

    In volcanic soil we trust

    Whether your checkin out bud porn or regular porn from 1975, you wont catch anyone trimming thier bush
    BTW that pluton sucked. We grew it outside-looked awesome, smelled great, everything but when dried, it had 0% high.
    I see it as a kind of wonder drug of our time - Dr.Lester Grinspoon
    In 1895, ‘Arabs . . . Armenians
    [and] Turks’ grew Cannabis indica in central California to supply hash
    to compatriots in San Francisco, and to smoke ‘kiff’ themselves.
    Additionally, the u.s. army planted
    marijuana in Panama in the 1920s for testing its effects on soldiers
    The Dutch paid the Khoisan in 1713 with drugs rather than
    food, goods or cash.
    For the purposes of this research, Roger Adams had obtained red oil extract of the plant legally from the United States Department of the Treasury


      I don't think post #123 was that bad .. but post #9
      has to be the winner so far.

      Zombie planet of the year!

      Urban Legends (Completed) Mazarilla - mazar auto x gorilla auto
      Urban Legends (Completed) Gorilla Cookie & Gorilla Fighter
      Urban Legends GG4 finished in 2021.
      Thanks to Seedbay Vendor for the opportunity
      to show your genetics.

      Mars Hydro grow journal contest 2021 (Completed)

      Apr 2020 Lock Down Projects



        Ive got one for you, this is my plant, picture taken this morning. Its actually the most Bomb plant hence Im trying to get it back to health after a rough year of various issues.

        Scotts OG - "Rainbow Skittles" Pheno


          Honorable mention #195.

          Also my comment about #123 was just a joke, and to the contributor I meant it in good fun as part of the contest.

          If you've tried to grow anything, you've likely had a plant that failed to thrive.


            Originally posted by PaulieWaulie View Post
            Ive got one for you, this is my plant, picture taken this morning. Its actually the most Bomb plant hence Im trying to get it back to health after a rough year of various issues.

            Scotts OG - "Rainbow Skittles" Pheno
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            That's one ugly girl. Looks like the hooker they sent to my room in Vegas.
            Now using a 5 Gallon Passive CO2 Blaster


              Hermaphrodites are good.
              They produce FEMALE seeds if they pollinate themselves.
              You can keep your 'good' seeds and pollen well away from me...


                Just realized this post was from 2013, lol. This plant is NYC Diesel Auto in Week 8 from seed grown in a Solo cup. Turned yellow & crispy suddenly, as did my current plant I'm growing (different strain but mostly the same circumstances EXCEPT it's in a 3-gallon pot instead of a cup). This gal regained 80% of her green after flushing but my current one didn't.

                Oh well. Who needs leaves in flower anyway?!


                  sad i did not take pictures of some plants i did grow.
                  I believe i had won this all.

                  Today i am better grower.
                  I buy fresh seeds.
                  Things go much better now.

                  Who knows in future anyway, it must fail sometimes anyway.
                  Maybe i return with picture here then.

                  Some of the pictures here is nasty stuff LOL


                    Originally posted by Beuhologue View Post
                    This is Barneys Farm right?

                    I dont like them, when they are good they are good.
                    Only 1 of 5 seeds is ok by this company if you ask me.

                    Have not try new ones, only old ones. Hope the new ones is better, goddamn germ ratio sucks also, i hate them,

                    I like the strain name TANGERINE TURKEY lol, so good


                      Originally posted by jackel View Post
                      Gave some to a friend and he said it made him Mildly hullucinate. I composted it
                      What a waste why not give it all to your buddy? Some people are weird they Tripp me out with the crazy shit they say and do


                        Yummybud ahahahah!)


                          One of my males I quit caring for as soon is it popped balls. Just needed the pollen, could care less about it otherwise lol.
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                            Gee there's some crackers in this thread.


                              lol great thread.


                                I figured one of this seasons plants also made the list. This poor girl was over 3 feet tall, doing great on it's own, and had popped up from seeds that fell from last years crop. Needed no care from me whatsoever. I had to go and mess with it...