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    detoxify mega detox 32 oz bottle works in 1-2 hours and can be had on amazon or ebay for like 20 dollars or 40-60 locally. It does NOT work if you have been using dabs. PASSED PISSER


      get those chemical feet heat pads.
      #1Be sure the sample is at proper temp. have warm hands and hold the sample around temp tape, or rub the tape quickly to warm up a little before hand off. be sure isnt TOO hot either. thats easier to fix on the spot tho.
      #2 the synthetic urine works as long as isnt an intense HPLC test which is more money majority are not that type. Quick fix plus is what u want(worked 6yo 100%). some tests require a little more volume now to beat the small synthetic urine that are sold. the "plus" is a bit bigger.
      #3 Do you best to clean you own urine!! and/or have a second batch ready to go.
      #4 The normal take a pee or 2 before your test(dirtiest is the morning pee and start of the stream) and take vit b complex to add color aswell as creatine(indicates to them your pee isnt "watered down". thats what most of the pass drinks are.
      #5 be sure to pee in the toilet aswell, again less suspicious u happen to have to pee only exactly to the line.
      #6 dont be sketchy, less you look nervous or like someone who does drugs the better chance of them being more suspicious ie pay a little less attention.

      god speed!


        oo also beat juice will help with color so not as neon yellow from vitamin Bs. But use a clean sample(which of course has to be kept 100% sterile, no soap residue or tap water as the chlorine may give them inconclusive. also must be body temp. think that was an old trick to add bleach to ur sample, and also prevent folks from adding tap water to the sample.. not 100% on that but fairly sure they can tell if water is added after your pee.

        I have heard not so much in pre employment but dr office of the dr ust tossing first sample and gettin you to pee again, just to prevent any "monkey business". So having a plan B on the spot may be wise. although 2 bottles may be a little harder to hide. I would always say still do your best to water down your urine by drinking alot of water b vitamins creatine and refraining for as long as possible as its cheap and easy to do.

        I dont know if asprin still gives false positive and if you say you take it I am not sure if that just means they would send ur sample to the lab or require to comeback again. same goes for cold meds like pseudo if ur on meth. or false positive with dxm for opiates( look up as i am not sure)...


          Hey everyone,happy new year well my experience with drug testing happen when a buddy of mine gave me a little pale pink hexagon pill.with the number 20 on it.i took half this pill an in like 30 min I had to pee bladder was full(not drinking water)and every 30 min after that the same way bladder full did the about 5 times well after the second urination took my test a passed ever since than its all i take it's some kind of water pill just not sold over counter passes ever time says he got them for an injury to his knees still don't know what there called anyone heard of this pill?


            I haven't had to dupe a piss test in over ten years, but when I did my buddies mom worked at a medical facility and hooked me up with a bunch of brand new IV bags. They were extra long so I cut the bags down and resealed them by gluing and melting the bag halfway. I used my other buddies dads piss I had in the fridge in a empty gatorade bottle. It was some nasty dark orange piss but I knew it was clean lol.

            I duct taped the IV bag to the band on my boxer shorts over my real bladder and kept my gut sucked in and looked normal, and also taped up a few hand warmer packs so I could get it in the 90-100 degree temp range. I did many test runs with plain water and a thermometer and it worked great.

            The day I went in there was a long line and I had already been sitting in the parking lot for an hour, I was worried the temps would be off. So anyway, when I finally got called to the back rooms of the office building, the lady had me fill out a few forms.

            Then, the sketchiest thing ever happened. She handed me the specimen bottle and then crossed her arms and just stared at me. My face turned bright red and I got the ultimate anxiety shakes. It felt like an eternity but was probably only like 10 seconds. Thats when she said oh BTW the bathroom if just over there in the hall, don't flush after your done.

            I could barely walk to the bathroom, but was like oh thank god. I thought she expected me to whip it out right in front of her. Lady did it on purpose and must get a kick out of fucking with guys LOL!

            I opened the valve on the IV tubing, squirted the test cup full, and even the rest that I could in the toilet without flushing. I was so nervous about what happened that I didnt get the valve closed all the way and what was left of my buddies dads piss dripped all over my crotch while I was rubbing the temp strip on the cup to make sure.

            When I brought it back to the lady I was still shaking so bad I couldn't even sign my initials correct. Like, even if I was strapped with a homemade device I probably would be nervous the way she did me, and probably every other dude that walked in.

            But hey I passed and got the job!

            If I had to do it again, just for a regular job, maybe even a drug eval (not probation though they watch!) I would use these smaller halloween IV drink gag bags off amazon:


            And sandwich them between 2 hand warmers.


              Originally posted by moundstomper View Post
              a little pale pink hexagon pill. know what there called anyone heard of this pill?
              Could be vyvansee

              Here’s the web md version


                Had a friend just fail because temps weren't warm enough. Has to be around 95-100 degrees............


                  Haven’t read the thread but according to Thad, an oil change is your best bet


                    Originally posted by sshz View Post
                    Had a friend just fail because temps weren't warm enough. Has to be around 95-100 degrees............
                    Happened to me before... I did everything perfectly to get the job but after a few years I got hit with a random and I did everything exactly how I did the first time but there was a long wait and for some odd reason the temperature didn’t go up to where it was supposed to be...!!!...
                    "I'm chain smokin loud like it's a newport ...



                      So here in Canada weed is legal, federally. That means sea to shining sea.
                      Are employers allowed to test for legal substances?
                      I used to have a serious drug problem...... ya, I used to run out.


                        Originally posted by BongFu View Post
                        Good to hear you passed. I think you would find the diluting the urine through lots of water and drinking creatine are the elements that got you through with flying colours.

                        As a tip, and I don't know what the situation is in your locale, you can purchase masking agents through hydroponic stores et al in a few countries. Basically though these likely are just creatine, urea and vitamin B complexes. When they run the lab analysis on a urine test they test for it being diluted. This test basically can be masked/beaten simply through drinking creatine (if creatinine - Creatinine is a breakdown product of creatine - levels are too low during the drug test due to the diluting your urine with loads of water this is a red flag that you have been up to something, and most of the time the person administering the test will label the result as inconclusive -which is the same as failing. This is because your kidneys will naturally pass some levels of creatinine) and urea (yeah sounds nasty but you only need a little). Urea is naturally present in urine so again you're really masking that you have drunk loads of water to fool the test. The vitamin Bs are simply to give the piss some colour.

                        New link


                          Also I live in very hot climate and I drink tons of water as everyone does.
                          I wonder how the labs factor that in?


                            It's just nanograms of thc they are looking for. Drinking massive fluids, lemon, cranberry....helps liver where thc and fat is stored.
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                              I think it is difficult now to pass drug test because there are new technologies. I know if you drink water or milk (in big quantities) then is possible . Also running in park long distances can be a solution, it is important to go as much as possible to toilet to eliminate all substances. You can find a private hospital where doctors will clean your blood. You can order a etg test to see the results at home and after some days to compare them before going to verification.



                                I passed a hair follicle test with less then 7 days notice after smoking heavily for ~2 months back in 2014. You have to follow the program exactly as they tell you. The diet portion is extremely hard to follow but it is key.

                                They have options for passing hair tests, for completely detoxifying your body or to just help you be clean temporarily to pass a piss test.

                                If you fail and u send them the results you get ur money back, at least thats how it was i think its the same.