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Hemp Farm Potential Opportunity

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    Hemp Farm Potential Opportunity

    greetings ICmag'ers

    i'm prepping for this season in colorado, and have been considering doing a couple acres of CBD hemp

    i have the land, good soil, irrigation water from april till october, workers, fertilizers - basically all or most of the basics.
    i am ready to pull the trigger on the state license (about 600$)

    the only thing(s) i am lacking are funds for good BULK hemp clones, and a solid outlet come harvest time.
    found source for bulk clones at 5$ per of verified CBD rich varieties that are low enough in THC to legally qualify as hemp
    i'm sure that an outlet for the CBD hemp material will arise, i know of several labs that buy material to process via fractional distillation into CBD isolate crystals.

    what's needed from investors is capital for investment in bulk hemp starts (5$ per) and to help cover cost of breaking ground (tractor work, i don't own a tractor and will have to pay someone local to do what is needed; irrigation corrugates and strip tilling).
    potential payback avenues for investors include taking a percentage of the harvest at the end of the season (mid oct-early nov) or payback at end of season - as well as the experience of a lifetime growing legal hemp in colorado.
    also investment potential includes possibility for the creation of a hemp product line (salves, oils, tinctures, etc) using the plant matter from this crop. i am familiar with techniques to create such preparations in bulk quantities. also plan on growing some crops on the property that would go well with hemp in a salve.

    curious if anyone on the mag is interested in such a venture?