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Seeking (small) initial funding for legal clone shop

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    Seeking (small) initial funding for legal clone shop


    im looking for some sort of initial investment to start a small (legal) clones selling business in Austria.
    My background is a sales traineeship, 3 years sales experience, compsci grad and 10 years gardening experience (can prove all of that), however I am currently still living in germany where everything related to cannabis is entirely illegal.
    So as you can imagine it is difficult to talk to a bank since my best selling point is... well, having experience in doing something illegal.

    Aside of that, let alone the idea to go to a bank gives me cancer, especially when I don't even need that much cash.
    In fact if I wouldn't have to move to Austria for this, I could start right from the few bucks I have.

    Since I already own a good part of the required equipment I am mainly looking to cover the cost for the transition and the settlement of the business plus
    some minor additional gear investments for which I don't need more than 25.000 - 30.000 €.

    The reason I ask here obviously is because where else I could find people that, at the same time are potentially solvent enough to be interested in this
    and do understand that this is some reasonable idea.

    So, long story short, I am even willing to pay more than the banker scumlords want right now if I can evade that hellholes in exchange.

    And since I hear people do crowdfunding nowadays, if you just want to support this I'll do the best I can to show some appreciation with product.

    Don't hesitate to contact me via redflares [AT] hushmail [DOT] com or via pm.

    Thanks for reading

    some (very) short TL;DR for the legal situation:
    Austria allows selling of non-blooming cannabis plants; Germany is still restrictive.
    However since it's Europe I can freely move to any other country and live/work/found a business there.
    The transition also is easy since Austria and Germany are geographically close, they speak the same language, etc.

    inb4 how come I am comp sci grad, yet broke?
    I didn't went to college right after school. I was trainee/working-class to 27, then went to college which I just finished.
    I also am not broke, I have something around 10.000 € cash left (yes, no student loan ) but that is barely enough
    to pay the security deposit for an apropriate commercial location.
    However, even since I do not aim for a comp sci job right now I think it will be still of some use when it comes to build
    the environmental controllers for the business as well as being able to setup essential IT infrastructure with ease.

    inb4 how come I do have gardening experience, yet broke?
    I didn't grow at all times to the largest extend. The biggest set I had was 15 sqm net bloom area which yielded the base for me
    to conveniently go to college. Anyhow, aside of that, I kept it low profile in the 600W club for the most part.
    I would do the same again for this project, I just don't currently have the space for it.

    inb4 some dubios shit:
    this is not going to be some shady bitcoin action or something, you can have this as fully legaly settled as you wish. i.e. bring your lawyer to the deal.