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Seeking investment capital for 2016 business model launch

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    Seeking investment capital for 2016 business model launch

    Tamisium Extractors Extractor Extraction Videos
    Business Summary - Features Summary Video

    These Tamisium Endorsed videos shed some light on extractors and extractions that will help everyone understand a lot more about who is who and what tamisium extractors are capable of as well as what most others are not capable of.
    Thread Link to video links

    Direct youtube links

    Tamisium Extractor TE3000/TE12000 Features Summary Video

    Tamisium Extractor TE3000/TE12000 Process Summary Video

    Tamisium Extracts Slideshow - Customer Submissions.

    After watching we hope you understand, we hope you know, why Tamisium Extractors are the number one selling extractors in the world and why we will stay that way.

    If you would like to contact Tamisium Extractors please do so through the site. or call 817 726-7525 call or text,
    or email

    Some people may see some of these products customers submitted in the slideshow and feel they could do better. I agree, you may be able to but better is relative. There are markets that dictate what a product may look like and those products will be totally different. I cannot count the times I have got off the phone with a customer asking me how to produce a hard shatter only to answer another call from a customer only wanting the oil this other guy was trying to avoid. Or how someone only wants to extract a specific compound when another wants the whole spectrum. These images are of all those products and it was done with one apparatus. Some of the products are not in the MMJ market at all. Some are eaten, smoked, or used topically or further cleaned or isolated.
    In addition just like cooking or baking, you improve with time. When so many variables can alter the outcome you have to get a feel for what those are. Spend the time performing some basic controlled extractions while changing one variable at a time and you will be on your way to success.
    Think about like this...
    There are 6 extraction controls you can alter in the Tamisium Process.
    With only 3 changes to those 6 controls you will have 18 different outcomes.
    but if you perform those 18 extractions you will a firm grasp on what you are capable of.

    A just cause

    I think that your website is exciting. I know a master grower that buys trim and makes it into wax. He makes all the money. May God bless you and Light your path. Many Blessings to you and your notable endeavor!
    How's that cubicle treating you?

    102 Mother Plants 4k Vertical Stadium

    8 pds no popcorn!6k
    vertical stadium



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        why you need an investment would be a good place to start I suppose being that your product has been brought to market and been available for sale for quite some time.. secondly, how do you see rosin affecting the bho market..


          It would probably help if ya didn't have such a bad rep in the concentrate crowd.

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            Originally posted by Tamisium View Post
            Tamisium Extractors are the number one selling extractors in the world and why we will stay that way
            If you seek funding the first thing you need to do is provide proof for this claim.
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            Yekke Seeds for 2017
            Hebrew grow thread ?????? ?? ????? ??????
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              Any news?


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