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Brand with a word "Marijuana". Good/bad?

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    In Cali I’ve never heard or seen ANYONE refer to it as cannabis or marijuana. Nearly 100% of people call it just weed.


      It was usually spelled with a "j" not an "h". Which version did the prohibitionists use? Mary J we've all heard, not so much Mary H.

      And what's wrong with "weed"? easy to spell IMO.
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        Marijuana is not used in the U.K. at all, it’s an American word


          In a clinical or business setting,call it Cannabis. At home it's weed,pot and marijuana.


            Originally posted by soil margin View Post
            In Cali I’ve never heard or seen ANYONE refer to it as cannabis or marijuana. Nearly 100% of people call it just weed.

            I lived in Cali for a few years, and almost without exception, I would also call what I found there 'weed.'

            I hear it's getting better. lol
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              I wont


                Originally posted by I'mback View Post
                Prohibition named it marijuana
                Would you be happier if it was called ganjah though? A lot of the time it was. Whatever the name, it was always seen in the US as a curious if not evil narcotic. It was known as the Mexican drug marihuana by 1887 because they needed a name for it. The Mexicans came to the US and the name came with them, that's all there is to it.
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                  i don't like neither; marijuana or cannabis. i don't like typing or saying marijuana and if i do, i am calling it marihoochie, marijoowanna, etc to try and rid the word of it's D.A.R.E. education program association.

                  when i hear cannabis, i feel like i am in a retail store or reading the growing rules/laws and like mentioned, its got a different but similar association for me.

                  everyone who is cool calls it weed.
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                    a marjuvana cè ?! are large use to show "i want smoke , dialect ,always god
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                      The ward Marijuana can send some people into a full melt down best to avoid it if your thinking to use it in a brand name


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                          I can't think of any possible combination of words added to "Marijuana" that would sound cool as a brand.

                          As far as buying cannabis goes, quality speaks a lot more loudly than a brand name for me.


                            Although I usually call it weed or pot or even grass, I think that if you are offended by the word "marijuana", you probably weren't smoking it in the '60s and '70s..

                            Originally posted by Ringodoggie View Post
                            I love these guys that say they, "MEDICATE" throughout the day..... Dude, you're a fucking stoner.
                            This quote from Ringodoggie says it all.... just admit it, there's no shame in it....


                            Isn't Mother Nature grand !


                              Depends on where you're at.

                              For example, in Arizona, people are so mentally challenged you have to spell it out for them or they won't even know what your product is. Youd be better off writing "THIS GET YOU HIGH" on the jar in that market. Not a single pot shop without a big pot leaf and the word "dispensary", like damn i think we get it, but people will still walk in and ask "what is this"


                                We use the term interchangeably. To older folks, I use the term cannabis (when talking tinctures, etc.) and marijuana to anyone else. When we discuss hemp, there are two classifications for the cannabis plant that produce CBD: hemp and marijuana.

                                Hemp-derived CBD is sourced from industrial hemp plants, which are grown primarily for their fiber and seeds.

                                Marijuana-derived CBD is extracted from marijuana plants that have thick, lush foliage and flowers that are generally grown and consumed for their intoxicating properties.

                                Experimenting with both hemp-derived and marijuana-derived CBD with varying levels of THC and CBD may be the key to finding the right product for your needs.

                                Depends on who you talk to and the colloquialism (ordinary terms).
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