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Rumors of USA Recession ? If so will Cannabis be impacted?

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    Control the means to transact, and they control us totally. They want that implant (the mark of the best). I can't believe the mask and skinny jeans wearing fools that love this Orwell / Huxley utopia.

    If you like dope, better get set-up to grow your own. I'm working on having a lifetime supply of seeds, which may not need to be that many. And soil, and worms.
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    Dr. Tuggle's Compound Syrup of Globe Flower

    Things just chug long when those microbes are happy........scrappy


      Perhaps the mask wearing fools were trying to protect the vulnerable by not transmitting the virus to others who transmit it to others who transmit it to others and before you know it you have half a million deaths. I'm an atheist so can't really comment on the mark of the beast. A friend though had 666 tattooed on his head if that counts:-) But yeah printing cash and massive debt I'd say the world in general is going south. I'm more concerned about global warming, food shortages and war but def there is a good chance of a recession.