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    Don't partner with a sibling, ever.

    Unless you need some lessons about how family
    will cross you, then blame you for their problems.

    They'll whip you raw with the switch you give them.

    "So we're just done with phrasing, right, that's not a thing anymore?."

    "He's like Jesus, just dumber and fatter, and holds the Bible upside down".


      Originally posted by Dropped Cat View Post
      Don't partner with a sibling, ever.

      Unless you need some lessons about how family
      will cross you, then blame you for their problems.

      They'll whip you raw with the switch you give them.

      True. The unfortunate truths are, most families are dysfunctional and it gets worse when you add money/power. Get it in writing. Though a contract still does not record the variables of intent between the parties involved. If it did, 99% of lawsuits would never reach court.

      Is this relative known for business acumen, emotional and economic stability? Are they known for successfully setting up other businesses, or running similar businesses in the past? After A64 passed in Colorado, EVERYONE had relatives who suddenly wanted to be growers, or set up dispensaries, or hire relatives like yourself for a grow op. Craigslist was full of nearly new equipment for years, from failed grow businesses. I'm sure more than a few were family dispute, and most were 'partner' disputes. Money/Success blinds people so quick it's not funny.

      Look at the skill sets, look at the experience. Without those, you're literally walking into a cluster...
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        There are many good suggestions here. The one thing I would focus on is finding out who all the partners in the deal and who is calling the shots ("managing partner"). The money is not great and what you could ask for is an ownership interest that increases as time goes.
        Maybe 5% after the first year, 10% after the second year etc...

        Good luck.


          The thing people need to consider if they are going into the Legal weed industry is the over supply of cannabis that exists now in the legal states.I have been following it for some time we saw the writing on the wall 2 years ago that corporate cannabis was going to take a big hit and it is right now and will continue.

          Going by what i have read and seen on YouTube in the way of interviews by people in the industry what will be the future is a cottage industry.A lot of them have down scaled.

          Any chance to go legal is a good thing making a living from what you love is as good ass it gets so a tuff call.


            This is one of the hardest decisions I have ever been faced with... Its either I stay here and turn down his offer nicely and keep growing black market or get into the legal business of it all and sacrifice a lot of time with my family... I love doing what i do here too. Just wish he didnt live so far away from me. I'm hoping someone will run across this thread with some experience that relates to my situation, that can answer some of my questions about being a master grower and running such an operation. Would I be able to spend maybe half a month here at home or even 3 weeks and half a month or 1 week there working? Or will I basically have to be there all of the time? He said they are ready right now to start, all paper work is done, investors are on standby and all they are waiting on is me. He said I would have a couple weeks or so to decide what I wanted to do. I know this is life and sometimes life can be hard, but the doors this opportunity could open for me in this industry is basically endless.


              Money/business and family don’t always mix well. I’d be concerned about that a little.


                Originally posted by Sertaiz View Post
                get a lawyer..... make a bulletproof contract that has raises, and their expectations of production, etc all figured in so they sign something as well..... dunno about the family thing. but id talk to the fam and a laywer......
                Originally posted by Douglas.Curtis View Post
                I would work consultation only. Extremely limited time on site, with planned return flight tickets in hand.

                1. You will be working with people who do not understand growing. This puts a huge crimp on trying to explain why you need to spend X for Y result, or to prevent event Z.

                2. What are the restrictions in the proposed growing state? How does this impact your personal growing style?

                3. What's the largest sized operation you've personally run, and provided results which were the same each run? How many runs were you able to keep this up?

                4. What is your past experience with training others to a specific task?

                5. What options do they have for you to telecommute?

                Theoretically you should be able to consult for them enough to get them running with a crew. High def cameras can be used, and occasional day trips, to keep things in line.

                Ringdoggie is correct, you really don't want to spend much time away from your family. I really don't care how much it pays in fiat, commuting and long absences pay ridiculously little in family value and solidarity.

                Both great answers.
                Really a tricky one.

                It' could be a good opportunity' but could be a nitemare.

                You Def need something in writing to back yourself up. There are many pitfalls when you are not in control of the money.

                Personally with so many big grows already flooding the market, I would go into hash production.

                You will have to have AAA+ to even survive .
                Will you have control over everything,?
                Like, grow methods, IPA, lights
                Harvesting, etc etc.

                What about Corona virus? Can you even travel there?

                Still, could be a winner?

                Master grower should be 100k +
                But you need to be a master grower.
                Double OG.


                  I think you’d be crazy to give up the black market right now