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    ICMag Copyright Statement

    Copyright Statement

    All artwork and content found on ICMag or other sites owned or operated by ICMag are copyright SBN Ltd. No part of these sites may be copied or reproduced in any manner without the express permission of ICMag. This means you may not copy icons, graphics, photographs, artwork, content, etc. and use in anyway without writing us and getting permission. We have on numerous occasions given permission for certain specific things (for which we have original copyright) to be published elsewhere, especially for educational purposes.


    All submissions to ICMag, including (but not limited to) postings, images, e-mails, creative works (articles, images, etc.), and other such voluntarily contributed material become the property of ICMag to publish on websites owned by ICMag, in books, magazines or other printed materials published by ICMag, in related materials (compilations), advertising materials, and other materials generated by ICMag unless specific instructions otherwise are included with the posting or submission. In other words, by submitting or posting something to ICMag you are conveying a limited right to ICMag to publish the work within ICMag's publishing domain. You still retain all other rights to your works.

    It is understood that these contributed works are given freely, to be published by ICMag, in whatever manner it chooses without compensation to the author. ICMag by accepting and publishing an author's work does so without charge for reviewing, editing, posting, or maintaining the work on the site or in other publications. It is understood that this free exposure and publication is sufficient compensation to the author.

    In some cases ICMag will negotiate for the rights to a large work to be published and a contract will be drawn. If you have a substantial work you would like to see published, please contact us. We are seeking works for publication on the Internet and in traditional formats, like International Cannagraphic Magazine. This publication is regularly looking for high quality stories and images.
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    Once when i wanted to quote Jorge Cervantes on a certain subject, i e-mailed him first and asked him in person if it was ok to re-print material he had previously published in book format......

    He politely responded that he, like other writers, depends on book sales for a living and said that he would rather me not re-print certain sections of his books here on ICmag......

    Let me just say that i have written extensively here, especially when i first joined, and always have given credit where credit was due.......never would i steal pics or blatantly plagerize other peoples' works without first giving them credit (or, as in the case of Jorge Cervantes, contacting the author prior to posting)....

    Also let me say that I BUY ALL BOOKS AND MAGAZINES RELATED TO CANNABIS......some of the major books i have even purchased two or three times over, including Cervantes, R.C. Clarke, Rosenthal, DJ Short, Soma, BOG, etc....I urge you to support all canna-businesses out there, so that this industry can thrive financially in the face of the nazi-like propaganda that seeks to demonize this medicine and industrial fiber.....

    So hopefully this will help someone somewhere out there.....

    kind regards from a guineapig


      My point is that most of the people using these forums do so under the understanding that the images they upload, once uploaded, no-longer belong to them. Rather they now belong to the online cannabis community,,, and the patrons that have kindly supported the facility of making these images available online,, for the general public to view.

      We personally respect facilities like ICMag / Gypsy for this. They (and others) house the images that I n I don't want sitting about on a computer or disk for the pigs to spunk on. My own gallery is used as a constant source of information on the phyllotaxy of cannabis anatomy (bud structure),, with out which I'd forget so much of what we were growing/smoking last year, and now the year gone.

      DocLeaf has duplicated images all over the place. So what? If a company or the next company wants to source them as reference, then that's really up to them,, i n i nah give a f**k about these things... DocLeaf will always know the conditions beneath which the image was fixed,,, so long as none of them comes back at us with bs claiming that we can't post our own photos someplace else again,,, lol Then,, what's the problem?

      However. The day that ANYONE republishes ANY images from fritillary seed,, without owner consent,, then fritillary seed will - first seek "royalties", a process of litigation would soon follow,, and we'd imagine someones head would roll... lol haha Not really we'd probably just take the shop windows off until a donation to a local blind charity or something was made ,, and trust I's know plenty window fitters,, wood and UPVC

      Getting back to reality,,, the logistics in pursuing recompense from an online pseudonym are in fact so slim... that it is silly that this subject is even being debated here. This thread is in place as a legal requirement by ICMag, thought up by a smart-ass accountant / lawyer / type person,, and actually holds very little in the way of legal status in a real court of law... as with all so called cannabis copyright laws,, it's a chimera based on a set of twisted-up laws. In the most extreme case some jumped up rich kid is going to try sue ICMag,, and fail... lol

      Try not to get too hooked up on it buddy,,

      This is what we is saying :wink:

      "If you throw a dog a bone, you don't want to know how good it tastes..." : Brick-top

      Peace out
      Erb Roots n All


      Edit: p.s. please take what we say in jest,, true rascal at heart,, we're just emphasising the madness involved in litigation
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      ? / erb roots culture peace love unity




        All you ppl have to do, is what I do. I put my sig in any pic I feel has value. And yes, I always retain the original, hi-rez, uncropped, uncorrected image as proof of copyright.

        If I post an image on a website, I give a LIMITED COPYRIGHT (please learn what that means b4 you even reply), to that site to do what it chooses with it, within copyright law, and within it's own business domain.

        If you don't want to assign a LIMITED COPYRIGHT, then don't post it, cause then it is within the website & business' legal right to do what it wants (except sell it or allow another entity to use it - that is the limitation).

        For instance, if I see a nice image in a gallery, I may post it on the front page of the site too. The owner has already given us permission to use it on icmag, so there is no copyright violation. (the fact of the matter is, the owner of the tricome pic currently on the page was notified and permission was given to place it there). I didn't have to do that, but I did it out of courtesy.

        And anyone who had their images placed in IC Mag itself (the physical magazine), gladly allowed the use of their images, as I recall...

        You can argue all you want out of ignorance, but if you research copyright law you will discover you're wasting your time...

        Unless you SELL or GIVE AWAY your original copyright (you'd need to provide a signed document to do that), NOBODY CAN EVER TAKE IT FROM YOU. That is the bottom line, so the idea of us STEALING your copyright is ludicrious.

        The fact of the matter is if you post an image here first, you've proven your copyright, and this site will protect it for you! By publishing your work on icmag, it becomes copyrighted (by you) for all the public to see. However if you delete your images here then you may have a harder time later proving copyright (you'll be on your own to defend it).


          These practices by ICmag are not any different than any other web site like this. If it wasn't the case they would not be able to afford the liability to even let you post your own photo.

          However, when someone post someone else's work you are getting into a can of worms.

          If you care about it put a watermark on it.


            Anyone who has posted an original image of theirs here, that gets copied and posted elsewhere (for profit or not), can ask an admin (like me) to help enforce their copyright.

            We will send the image owner an email verifying the date and time the image was posted on and by whom (we can provide username & email addy at your request). We can also contact whomever posted the image without your consent and ask that it be removed or that you be compensated. We can also enter into legal proceedings if warranted because we too have a limited copyright and can aid your defense.

            Then the real owner will prevail unless someone else can prove an earlier publication date somewhere.

            But if you have your original unretouched hi-rez image, you really don't need us, as you have sufficient proof to press your case.

            If ppl post an image here that is not theirs, without the author's permission, we will take it down if requested by the copyright holder. Doing that a lot will get you banned as it is illegal. I've had instances when non-copyright holders have asked for stuff to be removed claiming it was copyrighted material and unless they can prove they own the copyright, I won't do a thing.

            One last thing. If you're planning on hiring a lawyer, remember, you won't see a penny unless someone has actually made a profit from your work. And then what you get is usually limited to the proven losses as a result of the copyright violation. So you'd have to prove that you lost money. Not an easy thing to do unless you are a professional photographer who makes money from their pix.

            Again, you need only add a statement with any image or text you post saying Copyright So-and-So, all reproduction rights reserved. That would prohibit icmag and others from using that image anywhere else than where you posted it. Put it in your sig and we will honor it for everything you post here. (but don't enter any photo contests cause we won't use your work if we can't use it elsewhere within icmag's business).



              Originally posted by JackTheGrower
              Also if anyone see's something from here published drop the poster a note if you can! We can't be everywhere all the time!

              Thanks Skip for posting your above clarification and Jack thank you for reminding our friends to watch out for us. I have found many of my images all over the internet, one only has to Google Doobieduck to see the many pages of them, but fortunately I have never found any being sold or reproduced for sale. I did have a copyright case on eBay where an artist was offering a painting that was almost an exact copy of one of my images. I contacted eBay with the original image and her auction was ended within 24 hours. DD
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