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ICMag Posting Guidelines

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    ICMag Posting Guidelines

    The following rules are for everyone's benefit. While we don't censor the forums, we want to keep them full of quality postings, and don't want to waste people's time with postings of NO VALUE.

    You must agree to these conditions to become a member.

    IC Mag Site Policy - Terms of Use (TOU)

    Introduction: is a privately owned site hosting international members and viewers. As such, our Terms of Use (hereafter referred to as TOU) reflects that which best serves a global membership. While we understand that there are conflicting laws across the globe, and what might be considered legal in one place is considered illegal in another, as a member you will be expected to follow our international posting guidelines. Our TOU is for everyone's benefit and applies to ALL members of this site regardless of one's location, therefore we reserve the right as a privately owned site to edit inappropriate posts, and keep forums full of quality postings and images.

    You must agree to these conditions to become, or continue to be, a member in good standing.

    1. Illegal Postings: Postings that are illegal in themselves. Illegal posts are those that contain Child Pornography, drug dealing or other illegal activities, images and/or information and are thereby not allowed. You accept full responsibility for what you post as we cannot be held liable for the activities of others on our sites.

    2. Duplicate/Repetitive Postings: Duplicate postings with identical or similar text are not allowed. Duplicate postings will be removed.

    3. Multiple Personalities: We do not advocate the use of multiple member names for just one user. Should you do so, you may not use more than one personality in a single thread. Use of multiple member names in the same thread will result in banishment of that and all associated member names.

    4. Flaming/Trolling: Flames are posts intended to insult and provoke. Any Member engaging another Member/Moderator or Administrator with gratuitous, insulting and/or threatening behavior will be subject to being banned or placement on site wide ignore. ICMag encourages civil and respectful discourse between it's members and staff but has to curtail those that attempt to turn an argument into a fight. There is an 'ignore' option in every members control panel who find themselves in a personality conflict with another member. Personal grudges have no place on ICMag even if the person being attacked isn't a member.

    5. Obscene/Pornographic/Violent postings:
    Any use of images revealing genitalia , violence or violent atrocity(ies) will be removed and an infraction issued. Repeated posting of these types of images will result in banning.

    6. Off Topic Postings:
    Post remarks that have nothing to do with the subject of the forum will be moved or deleted at the discretion of the moderator.

    7. Solicitations: Threads or posts soliciting or offering the buying/selling/trading/swapping/testing/giving of seeds, clones, pollen, cannabis, hash, money or any other substance or article is not permitted and will be deleted, with the member subjected to banning without warning. Threads or posts dealing with illegal drugs other than cannabis are not permitted and will be deleted.
    7a. Wish lists of varieties placed in posts, threads, or the members 'signature line' area will be deleted by admin as doing so is deemed an attempt to circumvent site policy regarding solicitations.

    8. Spamming: The posting of links to other commercial websites, forums, chat rooms or communities, or commercial products are not permitted. Members who have their own website shall not be permitted to place the URL or related information in your profile area or display it in your signature, as doing so is considered advertising. There are appropriate avenues to follow regarding advertising on IC Mag. Any unauthorized advertisements will be deleted as Spam and the member banned.

    8a. As a privately owned site, we retain the right to prohibit information posted in threads, posts, and signature lines that contains information pertaining to commercial products/entities that do not pay for advertisement.

    9. Banning:
    People who violate IC Magazine's forum guidelines are subject to banning. Once someone has been banned from the site, we do not allow complaints from other members about it. Once banned, we are done with that individual, and no amount of complaining from other members will help. We do not justify our bans to the general membership. Those who complain about a banishment, are subject to being banned themselves. Please note that some bans are only temporary, depending upon the infraction(s). So making a fuss over a banned member who might return soon, will only get you banned too.

    10. Status: As long as you respect our rules you will be a welcome member of this website. Those who have decided to join our community and support what we stand for will be accorded the rights of membership. Members who abuse their member status may see it changed back to Guest as a warning that their behavior is unacceptable. Further abuse will lead to banning.

    11. Chatroom: Our chat room has moderators assigned to keep posts civil and in compliance with our forum guidelines (TOU). In order to use the IC Mag chat room, a member must be in good standing on this site with a minimum post count of 50 (subject to change without notice!). Those in our chat room are expected to conduct themselves in the company of others in a civil and unoffensive manner. This is an international site and obscene language will not be tolerated. Please be respectful so chat can be pleasurable for everyone. Non compliance with our forum guidelines (TOU) in chat will result in banning from chat and the site itself.

    12. Personal Message (PM): Any personal message sent by one member to another through the P.M. system or Rep Point system, both of which are not public and shared between a private system between members (not in open forum). Posting personal messages (P.M.'s) and/or e-mails (or part's thereof) in open forum(s) sent to you on this site or via any other private means is not permitted and will result in the offending member being banished. Posting of any members' personal information is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate banning. Users should report any offending PMs or Reps they receive so admin can deal with the member. Solicitations of any kind are forbidden via PMs or Reps and will result in an immediate ban (see section 7). All PMs and reps are subject to the same guidelines as posts in open forum.

    12a. Forwarding of Private Messages (P.M.'s) is not permitted without the original sender of the P.M. giving the member who wishes to forward that private information permission 'prior' to the P.M. being forwarded. Any member who forwards a P.M. to another member(s) without first obtaining permission from the original sender will be banned should the original sender, or any recipient of that P.M. make a valid complaint to Admin.

    13. Visitor Messages (VM): Visitor messages are not private and thereby must be in compliance with the forum guidelines (TOU) applicable to posts in open forums.

    14. Politics/Religion: Threads or posts pertaining to political and religious discussions, by their very sensitive nature, can incite or flame others due to the wide and varying personal beliefs that naturally exist in a global community and will be deleted, if and when they get beyond what we deem as acceptable. ICMag is an international site attracting members from a multitude of religious and political backgrounds. We do this in favor of harmony and unity, rather than the divisions created by permitting open discussions of politics and religion requiring an opinion from such a global community. Political discussions pertaining specifically to cannabis laws/legalization are only accepted in the appropriate forum.

    15. Off-site links: Off-site links to other websites that are controlled by servers that are not located in a cannabis tolerant country could possibly be used to harvest growers IP's so compromising the security of our members. Admin may elect (at their discretion) to delete any links to off server websites as a security precaution to safeguard the security of all members.

    16. PM System: A minimum post count of 50 is required before being able to send/receive private messages, as well as use a custom avatar. Those who attempt to circumvent the minimum post count by turbo posting, or making posts with no worthwhile contribution, will have their posts deleted and/or the post count of the turbo poster reset to 0 by admin as a warning. Repeated turbo posting will result in banning without warning. Due to previous abuses, all posts made within the Introduction Forum will not be included in member post count totals.

    17. Social events:
    Outside of events that take place in Amsterdam, 4:20 cup, High Times cup etc we do not condone, encourage, nor permit discussions for private meet-ups. It is our hope that members retain their anonymity afforded them through the use of this site. Any member who attempts to solicit or arrange meet-ups is subject to immediate banishment. It is ultimately up to each member to protect their own identity by remaining anonymous at all times. Posts pertaining to private meet-ups/social events via VM's, reported PM's, or events not approved by Admin will be deleted. If you wish to make known an event, you must contact Admin for event approval prior to posting.

    18. Report Posts: Please let us know ASAP if there are any postings that violate these guidelines, especially if they offend you! Next to every post there is a link to report it for review by a Moderator, Super Moderator or member of Admin. A list of our Moderators, Super Moderators and Admin can be found by clicking on 'Forum Leaders'. We encourage members to use the 'Report Post' feature (shown here: ) so you can report TOU violations or anything else that requires the attention of a moderator. However, abuse of this function will not be tolerated and can result in sanctions.

    19. Vendor Moderators: Vendors must moderate their forum in compliance with our TOU. Supermod and Admin moderating decisions supersede that of any vendor moderator. No post(s) made in a vendor's forum by a Supermod or Admin shall be deleted by that forum's vendor moderator. Vendors themselves must follow the forum rules when posting outside their own forum. We expect vendors to act professionally. This means no disrespecting rival vendors, whether on icmag or not.

    20. Our Privacy and Copyright statements are located in the 'Forum Menu' and ask that you read them.
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