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ATTENTION - Server move - and Upgrade -

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    Originally posted by ATUK View Post
    The upgrading is actually the easier part of the process believe it or not.

    But yeah, it's now been moved. Added a thread about it here:
    cool ill check things out. very nice job.

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      - We are now on the new Canadian Server -
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        Just added some new stuff over on the server fund category on go check it out ,.. anyone sending stuff in drop me a message let me know whats coming,.. encase I need a fork lift for the bricks..
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          What's it listed under, I don't see a server fund category?


            ^This link I think:


              The update sure seemed smooth from our end. Thanks guys! Not just for this, but for years of work keeping this place running.

              I did notice though that when you go to insert images from your gallery, it still does this weird thing where it turns all following text into link text. I thought the update would fix that but apparently not lol... I usually just put some random text after where I want the image to go and then insert it. Otherwise it doesn't work right.
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