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A Very Happy New Year Everyone!

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    Happy new year.
    You may not vote on any more threads today.
    Don't sweat the technique.
    And honestly. My fuck ups turn to gold so much the thought of fuckin up don't even bother me. So I keep it auto when I'm stepping through a portal. I know that sounds strange but, strange beats normal.


      I miss your Raves, Marius ... even your rants ...


        Originally posted by Bud Green View Post
        I've been sick with the flu since the 28th.. I know it's from having the little germ-infested rug-rat grandkids here for 3 days at Christmas!

        I didn't get the chance to send a personal New Years wish to my friends via "visitor messages"

        So anyway, hope you all have a Great New Year!

        Hopefully I'll be feeling better within a few days...

        "I have kids" sounds a lot like a disease. Lol

        In my case they're older so they don't give me anything. They just take my money and do their groceries in my Costco pantry and leave.

        Hope you're feeling better.

        "All men's souls are immortal, but the souls of the righteous are immortal and divine."


          Happy and frosty new year everybody !!!
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            Happy new year everyone!!!!!!!!


              you tooo


                better new yr ahead.


                  Merry christmas