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    Originally posted by Dr Watt View Post
    Yes to the above. If you vacumm a bag of weed by mouth you can taste resin on your teeth like with an Vaporizer. Less but all the same it did lead me to think the Vaporizer is not hot enough. Too finicky to pack, and too much sucking away.

    How do Vaporizers do with BHO ? I'll guess same > not hot enough.

    An alternative to sofar dissatisfying vapes is COMBUSTION.

    Seeing as we're trying to MINIMISE (carbon in lung) how about bong/jointing less ? Well, I've reckon as a generality you surely can't bong more than every 20 minutes, like for a few hours. In fact a bong every 40 minutes is pretty sweet. Of course a bong per hour would see 24 bongs per day MAXIMUM. Which is a lot better

    My super coughing (asthma style) was because I was bonging every 3>10 minutes. Super stoned still the next morning. Then first bong after some short sleep - BULK HISTAMINE COUGHING FIT

    Better weed always helps. Anyway >


    Who What Dr Watt
    What do you mean 'not hot enough'? I can get my vape (SSV) hot enough to 'smoke' the herb, (yuck). An I have an attachment for dabbing that works very nicely. Over the years, I've seen many that smoke cigarettes make the same claim to not hot or high enough.. my thinking is cig smoke is much hotter and fill the lungs fuller. Smoking cigs also reduces lung capacity over time so vape hits cant be as aggressive. Today, I cant hit a joint very hard, its hard on my lungs cough like crazy. I can vape monster hits (same weed as burning) and not cough. I been vaping more and more and burning as little as possible. Vaping oil (MMJ) is also heavy on the lungs. website: fuckc0mbustion.c0m..

    sorry wakin', bakin' and ramblin'



      Massive Histamine Coughing Fit !

      Don't go back to 1:00:00 with this one >

      Hopefully the link starts at 1h:1min:00seconds. And here's a photo >>

      Who What Dr Watt

      Prada Na Na
      PRADA YA YA ..... ...... ..... ..... ..... ..... .... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ...... ...... ...... ..... .....TWO in the PINK!! ONE in the Brown!


        Most anything out of Mobius glass studios. Real, quality glasswork coming out of there.