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New Dispensary Review Section!

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    New Dispensary Review Section!

    We've just launched a whole new set of forums to review LEGAL cannabis dispensaries, clubs, co-ops, etc. The section is divided by states and countries (more forums on the way!).

    So let's hear what you have to say about the dispensaries you've encountered.

    Please post a separate thread for each dispensary.

    We used to have a section (not in the forums) but that was too dated to restore.

    If you don't see your state or country listed, just ask!
    Last edited by Skip; 03-18-2015, 17:43.

    Great addition to the forum, Skip!!

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    afterthought autos
    We are passionate auto breeders growing organically 2008. We offer 37 auto flowering strains, 17 photoperiods, 14 CBD hemp hybrids via catalog in our decades of breeding expertise. afterthought autos - we are unique quality autoflower breeders for medical conditions and recreational stimulus. Auto breeding 15 years, we're running strong! Getting website this week. Asked for remaining packs to be mailed back. SeedBay only has (I presume) SERVER FUND hybrid strains. Doing so much more business in the good ol' USA, and another UK seed site.


      Thanks Skip, we need one for Maine, questionable dispensaries need thoughtful reviews.


        This is a great idea, well done IC.
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