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    How this site works......

    For many years now......well since about 1978 I have been a part of the cannabis industry as a grower......since 1975 I have used cannabis and continue to do so......for me at 46 years old cannabis is like candy was to me when I was just 10 years old.......I love it in all its many expressions, flavours and colours......and see that the best way to express my passion for this plant is to share it and encourage others that want or need it to grow it.....

    .....Over the years I have managed to encourage and support many that are now a vibrant part of this industry and they include many fine growers and breeders who you might find on these boards or on others or in any country on the planet.......Cannabis genetics in the form of various varieties or strains are very important to keep alive and I manage to do this by distributing these seeds of possibilities worldwide to many eager and gratefull growers who are just glad that people like myself exhist to do this......

    Many think that I am foolhardy and should involve myself in a business that is not so much in a 'grey area'.....a business without the crazy risks that this can involve.......Some of my friends and family members have commented and realise that I do what I do simply because I have a passion for cannabis as my Grandfather did for chrysanthemum's........but these is more to it than just that.....

    Like many I have in the past fallen foul of the draconian inquisition that has been cast over the cannabis industry in recent times.....I have been incarcerated, penalized and persecuted because of my use of this plant in the past as many have done and continue to be, and like many growers and breeders I live with a certain paranoia every day that this might happen again because of my close association with the erb' and how I go about making a business out of it by selling and giving away seeds from nearly 600 varieties....

    .....You can cross the palm of someone with just one cannabis seed, and that seed can feed and clothe and medicate that person for the rest of their lives.....For me I can't think of a better business to be brings many joy.........and there is a certain renegade power there that bucks the system that tells you that money does not grow on trees....because of the stupid prohibition of cannabis in most all societies the price of it in some places is twice that of gold.....and to buy gold to smoke is way beyond the capabilities of thousands upon thousands make the choice with its inherant and real risks to grow it simply because they cannot afford to buy it....

    .....In my time I have cultivated and supported many that now have the same ideas as me to just cultivate more cultivators in every society and in every country......with the power of just one seed I have seen change for the better in many peoples lives and these happy growers are now doing just what I envisaged......they are sharing seeds and helping new growers get started just as I did with them.........there is no stopping us really.......even if they throw me in jail and throw the key away I can rest in peace knowing that I got the seeds to hundreds of thousands of growers worldwide most of whom benefited in some way or another from growing this beautifull and much missunderstood plant......for that is all it is.......a plant........and criminalizing the worlds citizens for growing any plant is a crime........

    .....Here on I.C.Mag I pay the bills for you to learn and laugh.......ask and answer........question and be questioned.........and I do this with a good heart gaining solace from the thought that I am doing something that is right and not wrong by making this resorce available to all on this here internet.....

    ....and I actively encourage you all to do likewise by reading, learning and participating on these boards so keeping I.C.Mag alive and well.........and firin' on all cylinders!

    ....Grow On!

    ....Gypsy Nirvana
    'It can all start from a seed'



      Gypsy I have the utmost respect for you for giving us those great beans at a reasonable price and for giving us a home that we can share our grows with our friends and the community.

      Thank You Gypsy


        Here here! I got my angel wings on!

        “Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect. It means you have decided to see beyond the imperfections. "....TooFat....

        "We need courage to become happy, to triumph over life’s trials, to help others, and to take action for peace and justice..."


        R.I.P Elemental


          I agree i like what you do and there will always be so called haters but as long as you do what makes you happy and you feel you are doing the world good then hey thats the best thing that anyone could ask for and i commend you for a job well done...

          Greetings From ColoraDro
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            Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish an he will eat for life. You could easily grow and sell your buds to friends and take their money for life. Or you can be a true friend and teach them to grow and have their own buds.

            Great job Gypsy. Keep fighting the good fight. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go check on my " fish"



              .....walking behind you still...
              "Security is never convenient."

              "A nation of sheep, led by pigs, and guarded by wolves."


                that was beautiful gypsy. Please know that your vision and courage is seen and admired. I owe many good memories to you and your services.

                While some are louder than others, we're all behind you 100%!


                  well said gypsy.



                    thanks for all you do Gypsy. Every time you write, I get inspired.

                    In the words of a former teacher,"You're a gentleman and a scholar."
                    keep it righteous. 420.


                      Well damn, no wonder I find it so easy to like you, sounds like we had many similar experiences growing up in the same world since we're almost the same age. :smile:

                      I think you should include that the money's not bad either as part of your motivation. One because you can make a fair and comfortable earning while still offering some of the best prices on the market, and give away freebies on top of that. And because it's fair, nobody that's not independently wealthy is going to dedicate themselves to a thing and travel the world in pursuit of that, and not expect something out of it.

                      With all that's gone on lately alot of criticism has been cast on those making a living off marijuana prohibition. I feel there is a fine line to that which makes the difference like night and day. Some use marijuana prohibition to jack prices up sky high citing the risks of doing business as the justification. Like dealers for example selling ounces for $600. That's just flat out wrong. In the 70's growing up in the suburbs of the nations capital here in USA I was able to regularly buy ounces of the best quality weed for $35 and it was everywhere. Another good example are volcanos, there is nothing so hi-tech about their product that justifies a $700 price tag. Hell I can get a nice new big screen HD TV for less. Yet they can get that price because theirs is the best and can making smoking safer and healthier. People like that are clearly screwing the public because the opportunity exists. Some however, pass the opportunity to charge what they can in favor of charging what is fair and reasonable as their intent is to service their market because there is so little service instead of gouging it for the same reason. Given that there are distributors charging as much as 3 times as much for comparable genetics, it seems to me to be clear that you are on the side of the line that services the community.
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                        gypsy sir without you I would have no Herb to smoke...I might of ordered from another website..but you have great prices and stealth so I dont have to worry about police kicking down my door....Im on this web site to help people...I know how to grow herb but I want to give on the other hand give back 1000000000 fold....and you still a nice enuf guy to answer my private messages....THANKS!!! STAY SAFE!!! P.S. HEMPKAT GLAD TO SEE YOU AROUND...YOU ALWAYS HAVE HI QUALITY DIGI PICS!!
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                          you could never imagine the wealth of knowledge I have picked up from this site and its extremely intelligent members and moderators. I sincerly thank you for all the beans I have recieved from you and the skills I now posess because of your site. I have even passed along information to local growers and they have also benefited with increased yeilds and more potent final products!!
                          Thanks again!
                          "I'm in the bubba kush chevy well atleast that what it smells like" - T.I.
                          Smoke till I Die


                            Hunderds of Thousands! It is true! And just think..those are just those of us who use internet or are a couple of degrees of seperation away from an IC'er
                            Thank you for seeding the weed!
                            Grow Peace Ya'll
                            not just Pot!
                            Be more chronic every day and
                            spread more knowledge than you thought you could
                            Keep the PEACE FREE!


                              Aww fuck Gypsy. I feel kindred connection to you. (little sob). I have spent 20 years thinking about all these things. Usually alone because most of of the truly empassioned and knowledgeble folks are understandably reclusive. I have lived in So. Cal most my life and smoked the best from up North since the mid-late 70's. I don't know if you can understand what is like to develop ideas about the efficacy of cannabis in isolation for 20 years (or a few more hehe) only to wake up one day and find all of you here in the ether we call internet? Home at last.

                              I share your vision and hopefully your initiative and resolve.
                              I wish to offer education and real science about the effects of use. I wish to form a body of knowledge around harm reduction and responsible use. I wish to change the local media image of "cannabis activist". I dont mean to disrespect anyone; however, every time I see our issues on the news, who do they show? The individual with the longest hair, most beads, least articulate "stoner" they can piss off. I love beads and long hair but let's face it, that image feeds into the political hype and stereotypes us. We need to change the image of who it is we are percieved as being. We need to show doctors, lawers, artists, teachers, engineers, janitors, fire fighters etc...
                              This is who I have found hidding here behind our silly handles; intelligent responsible people. I know it shouldn't be our job to make all who use cannabis responsible, but it should be our job to make sure we show responsible use.
                              I keep on being BBing