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Update - Migration vB5 -> xenForo

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    Update - Migration vB5 -> xenForo

    Hey all.

    After lots of back and forward and hours and hours spent trying to resolve certain issues on vBulletin5, we've reached a point where we feel the best course of action is to migrate to xenForo.

    We know this isn't ideal and means yet more change but after much time spent trying to resolve certain issues with the current platform and many long discussions with vBulletin support we feel that this is the best path to take despite the fact it will be more short term upheaval.

    Despite the issues there are members who actually like the new platform, we're sorry that this is going to mean yet more change for them, however, there are issues with the current platform that are going to be too time consuming / expensive to resolve and to be honest we shouldn't have to.

    We're confident that once we complete the migration that all of these issues will be resolved. We're also a lot more confident in the technical support on offer from the xenForo team and the much more active development and support community.

    It was felt that the state of the original forums meant that a migration to xenForo wasn't possible and that the best course of action was to move to vB5, we spent lots of time testing vB5 with live data in many different environments and didn't experience any of the issues that have cropped up since moving the live site over to vB5. Yes there were issues but not some of the really obscure stuff that is currently happening.

    To make sure this migration is a lot more smooth we're going to be operating a development version of the site alongside the current site so that we can make sure that all data has migrated across correctly and that we can compare the user experience on both platforms and make sure issues that exist here do not exist on the xenForo version.

    The plan is to set up xenForo on the same server as the current site and to import all of the data into the xenForo database. Once that's done we will work on a basic theme and add any additional functionality that out-of-the-box xenForo is missing. When we're at that point we'll invite some of the site members to check out the new version prior to making the switch.

    One of the main benefits of the xenForo migration tools that we have access to is that we're able to import all of the current content and then import only new data in subsequent imports. This will make working side-by-side with the current site a lot easier.

    We will be starting this in the coming weeks and hope to have everything done in June.

    For the time being we're going to only focus on keeping the current site running and dealing with issues that threaten security. Anything else is being frozen.

    Sorry for all the upheaval and headache you've experienced. We hope you'll stay with us and look forward to the changes that migrating to xenForo will bring. We know this is a massive pain in the backside but things will get better!


    Sounds good, thanks!


      Another Macho Man approved post. Oooh Yeaah!


        Don't think I seen a post with 28 likes since the update, so it must mean this is the right path and users like the ideea!
        Can't wait to see it live!
        "We ought never do wrong when people are looking." - Mark Twain